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He Will Destroy the Mighty and the Holy People

How adding a word or subtracting a word from the word of God can change its meaning and purpose.  God warned us not to alter HIS word laypeople have less to be concerned than the teachers over them.  We know the teachers will be held more accountable the parable of this could very well be the baker in prison with Joseph as we know that there will be an abundance of heads in the tribulation that will roll.

The word WONDERFULLY is missing from the Post’s headline; there is nothing wonderful about destroying mighty men or HOLY people. The dark sentence is this sentence, and they are wicked mighty men and wicked holy people there is beauty in the breaking when awakened.

Daniel 8:23-24

Whatever did the baker do that was so wrong? Did the Pharoah receive food from a distant land before his guest arrived, and the baker continued to serve the same old meals the king has always had?  Not that they weren’t good meals; it just wasn’t the food sent by the guest coming?

We can speculate, but we know how God feels about HIS word. Jesus made a special note that not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law until all things are accomplished Matthew 5:18.

God had a significant role in assembling HIS word that holds his treasured gift to man,  for those who claim God was not involved with its numbering. They have a small god.   HE can assemble dead bodies at the resurrection, but numbering his word is the nailbiter???

The image is of a Mayan King who is a good king because he watches over the ten commandments. His eyes and nose are counted as three, and under his eyes and nose are segmented out in two’s those commandments,  he smells and sees the sixth commandment being constantly broken.  There is more here than meets the eye, and below is something I did years ago a video giving the passages away. Lucifer was unable to do what the congregation asked of him, and he could only do what God required of him; the assembly demanded more from him; after all, he was the bringer of light.

3×9 = 27. There are 39 old testament books and 27 new testament books, giving us a total of 66 books, and do you think it is just a coincidence THAT in this book, Roman’s is the sixth book of the new testament?  We are told it will be a revived Roman empire with the killing of Christians again in the last days, and who do you think is behind it?

When I speak to “man of God” and tell him that RESPECT is an essential word to God found in Genesis 4:4, the first place we see it! Then he quips back that his NASB’s regard is a better word. So do you want the angels only to regard you in the resurrection? Because he uses a translation their enemy tampered with because he is not concerned with the doings of evil or concerned for the souls of men. Why is replenish, which is only found in two places in the Bible, missing from tampered translation that everyone swears by? Then, my all-time hide the enemy from the masses favorite Psalm 56:1-2.

King James was a Protestant King, and he guarded the scribe’s work areas with armed guards to ensure that Rome did not place their hands upon the work. For over 400 years, King James set many a man free and opened the word of God up to the common person without it, none of us would know the word if Rome had its way, and though we have a difficult time with thees and thous those should have been the only words changed. Still, they were not; the enemy took advantage of the 20-century man who has no fear of God in changing what he wanted to be changed.

In the 1600s, the fear of God was at a premium for many leaders. Jesus ended the purpose of HIS Priesthood; however, in 312 AD, the emperor Constantine added Christianity to the empire; the enemy turned the heat down until he could take his old Pontificate Maximus priest to head it up.  They restore a priesthood God never called for denying the finished work. Once back in control, the persecution of true saints came back who would not bow to Roman Christianity, which was watered down. The word kept away from the masses, taking advantage of the uneducated. So in 610 AD, Mohammad started receiving a different message than the one spread by Paul, and the words of Jesus took a back seat.

Rome saw it as a chance to overthrow the Byzantine empire, whose territory included Jerusalem. There could only be one, and Rome wanted to be the one so they couldn’t get Mohammad’s people to embrace their brand of Christian paganism, so they helped with the interpretation of Mohammad’s visions hoping to build an ally so that when they finally took Jerusalem, they intended to turn on Abrahams descendants and kill them. God intervened and gave Jerusalem to Islam rather than give it to that false Church representing HIM falsely.

That is why they cannot make peace; they do not know the Prince of Peace.

They made up a queen so that the devil could continue his stronghold over the ones who held to the belief of a female goddess.

If Jesus is King of kings and Mary a Queen, which she is not, its implications break so many Judeo laws if she were.

When I speak to “man of God” and tell him that Jesus said to call no man Father, and he quips up, my kids can’t call me father? Right away, I knew he did not understand what Jesus was saying and why HE was saying it. My personal feelings are that this man should not teach the word or have children.   In the earth, there are two HOLY Fathers, two different major denominations with progressive priesthoods who uphold their error,  two legs of iron refusing to bow to the finished work of Christ. They both can’t be right, and how many HOLY FATHERS are there really in the grand scheme of things?

Many are dying without knowing the Christ of scripture because God’s leaders chose earthly leaders over heavenly guides. I am not looking for followers but straight arrows who can lead others to Christ and expose the frauds to free their captives. How they do not see but claim they can and hold me back thinking I will eventually bow to their HOLY Fathers.  Who built the gallows for themselves and their followers.

So yes, one man can accomplish a great deal with the proper support. The false Priesthood has always upheld their false gods, kings, and rulers, making slaves of the greater masses.  America turned it upside down, and God wants to use HIS ROYAL Priesthood to show the world what’s what that HIS SON’s HONOR HAS VALUE!

I cannot part the red sea or turn stones into bread. Still, I have something NOAH never had, which is the crop circles and the rise of the next Nazi empire headed by the dragon of China.  Who was called forth by the Church of Rome because they handled the Muslim situation, but that will turn against them when God takes his Protestants home,  Protestants that did not betray HIS word nor sided with HIS enemy and their corrupt manuscripts.

The enemy lost his stones in the fall, and he came to steal, kill and destroy; he has them all back, and those who side and follow HIM lack the light. They may be pro-life, but clearly, they do not know the creator of life who said at the cross it is finished.

For the devil, it is never finished, and he continues mock sacrificing Christ again and again. For that one moment in history, he was happy! He is unhappy when we walk in victory, and his henchmen want me to be ecumenical. I can’t because I love you and want the world to understand the crop circles.

Pentecostalism displays gifts that were not even in the early church, and with them comes an embracing of the apostasy.


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