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The Protector the Purpose of the Covering.

You will find a small 4-minute video on every site giving us a picture of the wilderness tabernacle. The video was produced by the Seventh Day Adventist, of which I am not a member. It is one of the first right-hand side widgets.  I do know that God requires one day to be set aside to honor HIM, read HIS word, fellowship with other believers, spend quality time with the family, being a witness to our children.

The featured image is called the turmoil without a sabbath rest, seven points with seven days at each point, the most important, the largest, the one most neglected by man. The inside is confusing hard to maneuver. Finding rest is difficult.  Seven circles are entering into the week; the eighth is a teardrop as so many wish there was another day in the week for them.

Well, they should have used the day HE gave them! There are 365 days a year, 52 weeks in a year, and all he asks is for 49 of those days. Once you get to know HIM, the weeks fly by, and you can’t wait for the next Sabbath.

There are 56 circles not including the tear that would give us 57 if we counted the center which also has seven sides we would find ourselves at 64 the Psalm of C.S. Lewis who was 64 the day he was taken home on the day JFK was assassinated and the American coupe began. Going to church worshiping God and loving HIM pays off. Nothing is hidden from those who love HIM.

Psalm 56 reveals who our enemies are, Psalm 57 is a continuation of what to expect from the wicked.

I know SDA churches are the last religion tainted by the Jesuit order that is not a society for the Jesus of Protestants. Their sole purpose is not to protect the sanctuary and what is truly holy to God but to get the world to bow to the image of the beast who vainly rebuilt himself by gathering up the wealth of the world. Because like the half-hearted angels, many pursued him, giving up their place in heaven because of his beauty, his wisdom was corrupt,  just like all of the Romish doctrines and ecumenicalism we find in the church today.

No wisdom or discernment are among those who follow him they remain blind to the true value of the SON of God or the protection of HIS word.

Today’s ministers say things like, ” Well, I understand this translation which is a little better than this one. I prefer this one over that one.”  well, place two thumbs under your armpits and put your nose to the sky.  You are not a protector of what is important to God.

If I were to be a witness to his Jewish people like HE was, I would honor their sabbaths, but not their priesthood, for that was no longer needed after the sacrifice. After that, no priesthood was required, so why do Mormons claim an Aaronic restored priesthood??? It sounds like a group that does not believe in the Jesus of the Bible or understands HIS work (HIS FINISHED WORK).

Matthew 28 is only five chapters away from Matthew 23.  So soon we forget HIS warnings and admonishings, we prefer the teachings of Paul over the direct teachings of Jesus.  As Jesus said, “That the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.”

Jesus made several important statements in Matthew 23; one was about calling other men father, now I had a teacher/preacher quip to me, “My kids can’t call me father?”  He, in my estimation, did not know what Jesus meant but still wants to be judged as a teacher and preacher on that day.  The first thought that came to my mind is he shouldn’t have children or maybe just not be a teacher. At this moment and throughout the last 1900 years, there have been at any given time two HOLY fathers on the earth. Are they both correct? How many HOLY Fathers are there really? So why do so many choose a false one and still feel they know God?

Matthew 23:27 KJV
(27)  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

If you do get to know HIM, then one day to fellowship with other believers is not enough, you will want to get to know HIM more I highly recommend non Apostate Churches that love Israel and are not antisemitic.

The video reveals the HOLY Sanctuary on earth,  a design of what is actually found in heaven ordered by God and built by Moses to show the people what HE deems HOLY and of value. How HE desires to be worshiped,  the original sanctuary in heaven is veiled from us, and the place to access God was blocked by the rebellious nature of both fallen angels and man.  The animal sacrificing was only to point to the atoning blood of Christ, who only needed to be sacrificed once for all humanity,  after that the priesthood would become us who thoroughly inspect the sacrifice and surrender to the greatest of loves.

For man is redeemed by the final sacrifice which the devil denies ever even happened.  The fallen angels wanted a new world order where their leader would be Lucifer because they could see him and not the light he was protecting he was vain because of his beauty and God left him by removing the light and stripping him of his covering of precious Gems.

Lucifer was created to reveal to the half-hearted unbelieving angels that the SON of God and coming to worship HIM had/has value but they insisted that HE needed to reveal himself, why can’t the SON of God come out and play? First off, looking upon the face of the most high God (Jesus) would surely mean death for all.

The original covering was protecting them from the wrath of God against their doubt and unbelief. When it comes to man and his redemption what the devil meant for evil God meant for good, to drive us back to HIM. To build his kingdom with like-minded, loving, caring individuals who could discern good and evil and choose the path HE wants them on, which is always good.

Are the gifts more important than the word?  No not at all! Heaven and earth shall pass away, even the gifts will cease and the word of God will endure forever.

There is no longer any discernment in the church since the election of 2008; every V.P. of this fallen nation has been, in one way or another, tied to Catholicism, this once Protestant nation of ours.  Where most of the world came to escape persecution, the false Christ and his false followers brought it here.

Does God need a covering of protection?  No, the covering cherub was to protect the others from HIS wrath. Once the doubting angels got a look at Lucifer some knew the jig was up and judgment was coming the wise fell in line. After the tried and true angels observed man doing to Jesus, they will testify the SON needs protecting, the word needs protecting, the church needs protecting.

That 10 million dollars not given to the truckers in Canada a province of England could have gone to them if only the church could see the value of Jesus and of Protestantism. Has the church put anything away for the Christian 144,000 who will be left behind in the tribulation?

They are, after all, going to be our sons who have not known a woman and kept themselves pure. God was thinking of them as he placed that money from 2008 into the Bank of England. Does God need money for revival?  Not any more than he needed the first covering cherub? It made a statement to the value of the SON. Now, what value do your children and grandchildren have? How will they sustain themselves in the tribulation?   FYI the peanut gallery is noting that these are from the original twelve tribes??? Ephraim and Manasseh were a mixed breed of Egyptian and Hebrew. The heart wants what the heart wants, and intermarrying was always around, and may I remind you gentiles are grafted into the vine. They will know it is them when the call goes forth and they will be sealed and handed a debit card with Cash. God was thinking of them while HIS “Church” was not.

They wanted power, and some of it came without discernment. You can never go wrong with giving others hope, or the word of God let HIM deal the gifts as HE sees fit, and causing others to fall backward is not a gift. It’s an illusion that draws many into siding with antisemites.

I came to slay a dragon, and he is fortified by his ministers of righteousness and their congregations. Pray and ask God for the power to break the hearts of stone and turn them into flesh and clay that God can work with- Amen.


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