Signs · November 12, 2023

Two ways Now to Lift Up Jesus and Save Souls Without Breaking Reeds

America was designed to set Captives free even though God’s word reveals the enemy never lets his captives go free,  then what is the purpose of a true Christian Church?

The first was understanding the symbols of the battle built before man was created and finding them in Egypt, close to where they have a war right now, revealing that neither side may know God at all, do you?

One side spent four hundred years as enslaved people doing operation cover-up.

The other is understanding these…Do you have people you love and don’t want them to be left behind?

Jesus gave the keys to Peter, but the key to getting into heaven is nailed to the cross who died to wash away our sins.  HE knew the second temple would be destroyed because of the enemy’s anger at his loss of souls.  Knowing the end from the beginning ,HE knew the devil would make a mockery of the cross .

It’s not until the third century that a man full of himself claimed Peter was crucified upside down.  Only Roman Catholicism claimed that.   By this time they had stolen the keys from Peter locking the gates of heaven and opening the gates of hell by hiding the word from the world the foundation for bad socialism followed by Communism.

So here I laid out the combination for unlocking the truth for you all here.   I also have a third method to starting a Revival and that would be understanding the intelligence behind the great seal of the United States found on the back of every U.S. dollar designed by a “Born Again” Bible Scholar.



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