Gifts To Get Your Pastor

Keep the tract rack filled with Jack Chick Tracts and place this beside it and watch as the world turns upside down.

The evangelism committee must have close to the 60 dollars it cost for the twelve cardholder display each slot holds 60 cards you could squeeze 66 cards in it if you really needed to.

We can order the cards printed with your church address with no markup as the same price the Printer charges 100 cards same style minimum of $19.99.

The display is shown with a full assortment of cards that only cost around  $239.88 with your Church’s address that’s 1,200 assorted cards pick and choose trust me when I say we have a plan to make them work.

I will gladly supply them for free when I do get my inheritance.

I will not follow the image of the beast who has adorned himself with his precious stones who now needs the light.  Why would a man of God direct me to the Mason’s?

Maybe that now answers some of his questions.

Truth be told they were formerly known as Knights Templars who seen safely the pilgrims into the promised HOLY land of Israel and yes I can use them to cause craft to prosper and prepare those wanting to enter into the PROMISED Land!

All the priestly voices hailed them instruments of Satan putting them down, just as they now support and voice the COVID in all of their hospitals where their killer queen stands in front of them or in their halls. I will lift up Jesus and the Mason’s and expose the truth about the Satanic System of Rome that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Adolph Hitler were taught by.

They went underground to protect themselves from Rome and the inquisition and you will get a taste of it when China takes America compliments of their Jesus their rock.

The dragon loves the dragon of China that’s his woman. All-Father has is that little nation Israel and his faithful who love her.

I am not the one stomping my feet.

Come out of her or suffer the consequences of offending Israel and placing stones of stumbling in her path.

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