Signs · September 30, 2021

Three Birds Bringing Light it's a Menorah

Birds THREE they Be Delivering Light Unto Thee.


Would you please pardon my use of that difficult hard to understand King James English? Let me help you to understand it.

There are 30 balls of light on our Menorah. Jesus was 30 when he began his ministry and 33 when crucified. He was ancient of days in the flesh and looked rather good for HIS age. The count altogether is 33.  Let’s look at the light first Psalm 30:1-12 look, and it’s about JESUS Psalm 30:3.
Next up the birds, when I got my call in 2009, I was giving the father the bird; of course, I have repented since then, or I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if this happened to you! Lyrics by Lesli Gore,  not to be confused with Al Gore, inventor of the internet.

The birds’ three alone for Psalm 3:1-8.

EIGHT is GOD’s perfect number. It is 33 facing each other it is at the cross they split, and one turns his back on the other. It was the first time in eternity they had ever been separated. Hear, oh Israel, our God is one God, and the angels before man was made wanted to see the SON, and we know for one to look on the face of God, one surely needs to die. The angels wanted to see the face of God, and JESUS was whom they were waiting. Israel represents the angels and wanting the same thing. We as the body need to show them Jesus, not the Roman Jesus; of course, the real angels are leaving those “Christians” behind because they offend the Jewish people with their Paganism woven into what is to be pure and holy. The devil just dressed,  and look who followed? That’s how you get a second Nazi antisemitic culture into America.

Altogether we have Psalm 33:1-22.

The three birds indicate the HOLY TRINITY, each towing balls of light representing the light of God and look it is shaped like a Menorah, so I am pretty confident that I am correct. I’m going with more light for the world so that they may come out of the darkness so that they do not spend eternity in hell. Some claim to possess the light, but they call the darkness light and the light darkness.


They dance with the devil and are not even aware that they are doing so. So if darkness is in them, just how great is that darkness?  A question Jesus asked Matthew 6:23? I was born on 6/10/59, and I was 23 years of age when I invited the LIGHT of the world into my heart. Twenty-seven (27) years later, when I turned 50, I received this call. Because of what I found in scripture and who I was to find it. ON a clock, we measure time, and we have triune groupings starting at 1:11 until 5:55. There is no 6:66. However, there is a 6:59. There will be a 666 right after we are finished telling others about this beautiful gift of light that exposes what’s hidden in the darkness.

We have a loving, caring, and compassionate God who desires that none should perish, but because I am here and the road to telling the world about Christ’s return should begin at the bottom just as the MOST HIGH did and who was it that said that he wanted to be like the most high? So soon, we forget.

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