Signs · September 26, 2021

Sharing the Light

Sharing the love of Jesus is part of the call of Christ. Let our light shine that the whole world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord. The featured image is made up of several references to light and the lamps found in the wilderness tabernacle and within heaven.  The light does not belong to me alone, as it is meant for the whole world.

However, some desire to use the light for nefarious purposes; they once had the light and were covered with every precious stone, revealing the light’s actual value or fraction thereof.

Hence the term the light bearer or bringer of light.

Now he needs it to finish the work he began to complete his new world order.

The light will not be given to those who lack discernment who think provoking anger is the way to produce results.   When individuals play both sides, neither side can benefit; one wants souls, the other wants to sit in a temple claiming to be God while holding souls hostage until he gets what he wants.

God warned Moses about not provoking the messenger HE sends to anger found in Exodus 23:20-33.  Has anything changed when it comes to messengers of God or that of angels?

Taking a microphone away to keep the messenger from giving the message is ignorance all of its own and not wise at all. How is it that those who attach themselves to Rome resonate among each other, but those opposed cannot resonate at all?

God allowed his dragon to adorn himself with the vanity he once had but left him and his,  without the light.  Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who tries to build it.

He is clever at transforming his ministers into ministers of righteousness. The test is how to discover the false it see how much do they love God’s chosen children of Abraham?

Do they love them this much???

The judgment number is NINE “Ja” any number multiplied by NINE its sum total adds back to NINE “Ja”, “Ja”, NINE has been issued and why? 9×9=81 Psalm 81:9.

For the Jewish people, Catholicism offers too many strange gods, god’s are to be prayed to.

There is only one mediator between man and God and we must help Israel find HIM.

Think of this process of producing the burning man by keeping him from speaking or revealing the word of God opened up to the world? No, they would much rather side with those who hide it and control it. Condemning others to hell, these are tares in among us to act as fire breaks and protect an apostate church.  Those people think they love God as well.  Hiding God’s word is the very lack of love. Trying to get one to bow to the image of the beast with all the precious stones he has finished gathering unto himself is another ignorance of its own.

You surrender the treasure; I give up the light to finish the house not hard at all.

I pray you as a soul,  find peace and that you come to know the Christ of the Bible.  Each of the lamps in the image will be pointing to their prospective verses shortly. See if you can find the verses on your own until then, the first up will be. Hint the birds THREE represent flight and resurrection.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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