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About That Flying Saucer Subscription on Some of the SitesUPDATED

I want the world to know that it was not flying saucers or aliens that removed the Christians from the earth; it was the resurrection we hoped many of you would join us in. It is only going to happen once; there isn’t another plan in the making.

I want to let the world know that at some point.

The enemy is going to tell you it was saucers and aliens and continue to deny God.   You will probably get most of that from Rome protecting their sorry asses from keeping the word of God away from you all and lying to you about their knowledge of HIM.   So that you never found out how much GOD truly loves you and how much he hates sin and what that is and how to deal with it.

The watchers are watching, and this image is not what angels look like; the message gives us a clue that it is not from God, unlike the others that reveal scripture that calls attention to themselves, such as the rattle tells crying anguish lamenting.  When they mention, the portal is closing; there is no portal for angels or God to pass through. So what is this?   Though the message holds a powerful truth about false gifts and their broken promises, Lucifer told his followers they would be gods with him when he won. Like the idea that hell is someplace to continue the party, no, it’s a place Jesus said that had weeping and gnashing of teeth.

God is, of course, as scripture reveals, not going to let him win.  As for the PAIN that holds, Rome has been the source of pain from its inception. Joe Biden has someone Riden in him, and it’s not God.

They place their money to have nations fight against each other, and they profit on the side that wins who pay back their loans in taxes and consumes the other Nation’s resources. God has no say in what they do; HE is not blind to what they do—drunk with the blood of the saints who fight their wars.

There is GOOD out there,  God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.  So yes, there is that.

Though Jesus made the statement there is no good but God.

They say they oppose deception, like people saying they love God and stand with his enemies in defying his word?

I’m under the impression that this was made by men or maybe by the watchers who are not supposed to interfere.  Why not tell us about our need for Jesus?  Where is that?

The dead giveaway for me that it’s not from God is the bell sound,  the difference between a dog whistle and a bell is you can hear the bell.

The Mass made a mess of the masses hiding the word they opened the gates of hell and shut the doors to heaven.

Good thing they’re pro-life????

The false priesthood taught you about a punishing God and not a God who plans to rescue you. That plan began 2020 years ago.

John 3:17

But there was too much peer pressure for me to embrace Catholicism, and I was frequently shunned in my standing firm that they are not Christians.

Only because I love what HE loves, and that is Israel, that’s why HE allowed the apostates to turn America into a Nazi-like system by embracing Roman theology and not telling others how wrong it is and why it is wrong!

They aided in building their gallows.  Now they can see what they did and have a chance to escape.

Isn’t God good?

I want to invite the Jewish people to join us in the resurrection; we would not have an escape route if it were not for them.

Only through Christ can they participate in it. If left behind, it will be what they went through not more than 75 years ago.

Look who helped. Again!

I figure those who get left behind did not want to be with us anyway.  Seeing how you don’t want to be with us in Church, you wouldn’t want to be with us in heaven.  You like violence and death and causing trouble; we don’t want that in the new world. You who corrupt God’s word, and we don’t want that either.  So someone has to stay behind and reach those whom they refuse to call now.

We tried to make this easy, and the ones full of the “holy spirit” siding with Rome only made it hard.

I am not going to bow to the men who wear fish hats and do not have natural relations with women or who place idols in the path of Muslims and Jewish people; they can stay behind with the world they wanted. The soldiers of America their lives and this country was worth more than 700 billion dollars.

Father cannot, as HE did with the Pharoah in Moses’s day, soften their heart at the top of the pyramid by touching their heart with their children. Satan has made it so that they do not have any.  He bred it out of them, and they burn for each other in many cases.

Islam will be chopping off many saints’ heads in the last days who stay faithful to God, the angels, and we are looking forward to seeing you all in heaven.

Babel is Abel.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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