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Improved Lights Entering the World to Light the Way For Christ.

Well, not improved; after all, Jesus Christ created all the animals.  Man can’t do that with all his high-tech gear. We can make life and take life away. However, that was part of the fall, the first one that is. There have been three significant fallings since God began this.   I only said they were improved to draw your attention to them and get somebody’s goat, and he knows who he is.

This is a continuation of Sharing the Light.

Light is always light, and Lucifer was once the carrier of light through the congregation of angels.   HE was the bearer of light, not the light. Wanting to be the light is what made him dark.

Provoking him to anger were those who thought they knew what was going on,  though he carried the Christ light.

Once the light bearer perfect and carried the light of Christ.Others wanted him to do things he was not purposed to do, thus provoking anger and leading the rebellion by denying God had a SON. You will learn with these lamps on this post because you cannot see it,  does not mean it is not there.

I am not the light; just as he was not the light, I am a carrier of light, as is most Christians,  you will want to talk with one of them, and you will need to do it very soon preferably today.  I am controlled/restricted to what the light allows, and the light does not let me bow to the image of the beast. Go figure…Even if many people think he is for pro-life. What is this image of the beast? It is not hard to figure out; God did not make this difficult because HE loves us.

The first beast wanted to do what in heaven? So what does his image or reflection of himself want to do here on the earth?

I have answered nearly two hundred crop images, and those who can’t master one try to dictate my direction, and it is always towards Rome and submission to her. Great preachers have called her what she is the harlot. Joe Biden was raised a Catholic but was never raised a Christian I would hate to see him go to hell but isn’t that up to us all?

The kingdoms were never the devils to give to anyone he had to steal them, but to give them away especially to Christ is absolutely without a doubt absurd. Daniel 4:17.

Jesus took off the stones that covered him and removed the light from him that he carried, well now he has all his stones back, even the living stones that Father was making for himself that he is stealing (great apostacy).  Now he needs the precious light that he abandoned back to rule as God on the earth. Look new and IMPROVED! Yes, we will, and “yes we can” give you a temple and peace in the land to have it built.

The light does not do his bidding, nor ever will. It is a good thing God keeps HIS promises.

Slaying in the spirit is not turning staffs into snakes like Pharaoh’s priests, but the results are the same,  to mislead, misdirect, give awe where awe does not belong.

Ask yourselves why Benny Hinn is the only one out of how many millions of Christians with God being in us all is the only spirit who can do what he does? You will get all sorts of off-the-wall explanations, but no one knows why. More faith than everyone else? If two or three simultaneously were doing it, I would believe it was from God.  But one man doing the spaghetti leg thing while two other ushers hold him up, and they are not overcome by the same power has questions all its own. I see he is part of the united front with Rome, which says a lot about his concern for souls.  When God shows up, people fall on their faces, not on their backs; this generation lacks respect for the person of God.

Pro-life is just a way of keeping more captives. Pro-life is not what saves us.  Even King Saul was pro-life. The enemy’s children are his leadership that bears no children, nor do they care for them at all.  History proves that. It is the blind leading the blind.   However, being clever, he did get back his covering of valuables. By not having widows and orphans, he was able to accumulate quite a sum.  Now, he desires I surrender the light to those who have bowed to him.

Seriously? LOL, LOL, LOL. I don’t want to be in control,  but he is not free to give up that microphone any time soon,  not until I start doing his bidding. He fears the word and the truth.  Daniel 8:12.  So here we are.  Twelve years ago, when I had the microphone,  I almost started a revival. Knowing I found the hidden jewel, the precious treasure,  “Who shall arouse the lion who shall stir HIM up?”

Now they wait in the wings, ready to pounce and take it away if I do not defend their dragon’s (dagon’s) church.

Blessed are they that bless him, and cursed are they who don’t bless him.  Am I supposed to do another’s bidding other than God alone, especially with my Crusader mentality and desire to set the captives free?

Will they be free when I start doing the Benny Hinn thing? What will so many do when the perfect comes, and all the gifts will no longer be necessary? God rejoices in the truth. Why can’t others? Because they loved not the truth God gave them over to reprobate minds.

removing the blinders.
“If darkness is in you, how great is that darkness?” ~ Jesus.   Are you teaching counter-reformation material? Are you relying on books other than the word of God to build the body? Following a De Facto priesthood. The purpose HE came was to end the private priesthood with its burden of creating doctrines that were not of God.

I will give him what he wants but not the way he wants it.  That would be his will, not my will or God’s will. I said how I got this… By believing Obama was the antichrist if he was, I wanted to shake his hand, wrap my arms around him, and thank him for coming; my Jesus is next. Now I can’t shake him. He wanted to be like the most high, and we all know Jesus, don’t we? He forgave everyone who came to HIM, even the man who held the whip if he would have come. The Bible says it pleased God to bruise HIM, and it was because of you and I that God did this.

I cannot live in a world absent of love. Those who have children know what I am speaking about.

The image on the left… Hey, why do you keep following me? In my blogs, I began to tell others to be free of him or fear you must confront it. Hugging the antichrist for so many would-be so freeing—God’s wisdom HIS ways higher than ours HIS thoughts as well.

Now we stand six feet apart and wear masks.  I have leaders teaching new-age doctrines from books other than the Bible and are trying to stir up a revival of new agers,  not the saving of souls. They want those who offend God and would Crucify Christ again in heaven?

No, they say, then God sent Benjamin to prove that’s not the case. Provoking anger only proves you have learned nothing about how this all began.

Just because he gave up the “Precious” doesn’t mean I have to until others begin to see the light. hear the word but the word is hidden by the wicked from the lost, they must control it to keep their captives.

A significant leader on this just wasn’t ready said he did not want the lamps I came with. He must have wanted the lamps that said that crucifying Jesus Christ on a mock altar and treating their congregants like animals is OK. That’s a little unfair of me; sorry, many cannot see the truth until they have the whole light.

Some got light and rejected it for acceptance.

Because I have friends in Jesus, I will burn in hell because I don’t do their bidding? Well, many people have friends in Christ who are going to burn in hell as well. But that’s for the next crop circle when I reveal Gideon’s lamps.

spreading light of Christ
Spreading Light

Spreading the light of Christ

See what’s missing in this one? That small circle outside makes a difference it means minus one.

Let’s do it now, why not?  18 arrows 4 rows (1) Psalm 18:1-50 How I feel definately is Psalm 18:4.  I was 18 when Christ spoke audibly to me to tell me I was going the wrong way and fifty when I got my mantle Psalm 18:50 minus one is
(2) Psalm 17:1-15,
second row 2×18
(3) Psalm 36:1-12  minus one
(4) Psalm 35:1-28
third row 3 x 18
(5) Psalm 54:1-7 Psalm 54:4-5 (just saying) minus one
(6) Psalm 53:1-6
fourth row  4x 18
(7) Psalm 72:1-20 minus the one
(8)Psalm 71:1-24.

Eight is always the perfect number on its side at rest its infinity and at the cross when it is split it is 33. 3 days later it is 8 again.

We are sending out a lot of light one should be able to find God in all this light.

The enemy has to control the fires; he has educated his ministers into doing so.  What a threat I am to his kingdom, being a truck driver and all.  You would think chaff would burn, but it turns out it can smother a fire. That’s why the first light bearer has filled our houses with tares and chaff that love idolatry to keep your loved ones from the word of God, and that is why I built these websites.

They may not have idols themselves, but they defend those who do. We give them a place in our society and our communities, and we can’t understand why they don’t like us?  ” On earth, as it is heaven.” In heaven, we do not give them place; we cast the rebels out.

Into the fire, with the original covering, we now call Satan, our adversary.

The power of one man to condemn or set free multitudes of captives. By one creature (light bearer), a third of the angel’s ward against God. By one person, sin entered the world; by one person, sin is abolished by those who trust in that one person. At the end of the age, one man points to both. Me, I prefer the lighter side; there is less suffering involved. The ones who gave you Nazi Germany are back doing it again. Choose you this day which side,  as for me I will serve the LORD.

Dividing the globe
I am dividing the globe between light and dark.

His covering attracted so many angels to him, and because of his beauty, he corrupted his wisdom ( no worries here, that beauty thing has passed me ages ago).  By proclaiming in Isaiah:14:13-14, he would be like the most high.  You may have heard his bravado in one of his followers claiming, “Yes we can,” no, not really,  you only think you can. Jesus is the heir of all things, and with excellent reason, HE honored the word and the law of God the covering Cherub did not.

Jesus was the word made flesh and the purpose for the law. He is showing us the way back into heaven, a place that is to remain HOLY and God-honoring. Jesus shows us that these are only flesh and blood vessels that death should not be feared if walking with his FATHER.

By one, many are set free.

The priesthood of Jesus’s day and throughout history placed burdens on the people and did nothing to lift the burdens off. The pyramids are their testimony to their devious purpose and nature. Everyone had a king, a priesthood, and a false god to be followed and feared. How many websites shall I build, and which domains will I take over and duplicate?  Well, how many pyramids did he make people slaves to build for him?

Why do those who claim to be followers of Christ threaten their followers with eternal separation? Who can separate us from the love that is in Christ? That’s one lousy church that can,  it even has a book named after them, and it is the SIXTH book of the New Testament out of the complete 66 books. Father makes this so blatantly obvious.

Romans 8:34-35 KJV
(34)  Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. (35)  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

I’m ranting, sorry.  It just gets my goat at the insidiousness of the hour.  Who destroyed America? The same would be those who would ruin heaven again as well! The light bearer was originally to keep that from happening.

Now to the numbers in the crop circle. Have faith in the ones you cannot see.

Lights entering the earth the center light represents Christ.
Menorah the center light represents ChristThe double dotted circles are not to be counted. Six arms are penetrating the earth; we know the lampstand has seven lights on it.  The center circle is the final light; it represents Jesus. Here the center light is being well protected by the others—this time for all eternity. The angels failed the first time guarding the SON.

Angels are leaving behind those who would ignore the teachings of Christ. Those who would like to torture HIM again. Like a priesthood, we all know along with their followers—psalm 56:1-2.

We only see five full lamps surrounded by lesser lights, but we know there are six lamps; let us work with what we can see and have faith in what we cannot see. 

Each main lamp has three other lesser lights; (the one closest to the main one is not double dotted; I missed that the last time I did this years ago, I have since matured,  it helps to have another set of eyes to see it for you). So there are fourteen, but we know there are eighteen counting what we cannot see.

Trusting in what you cannot see is faith.

There are nineteen revealed, including the ones they orbit that we can see.  These smaller ones are gifts supporting what each light brings. So we are working with what we can see 19 plus the center light protected for 20.  Psalm 20:1-9, and Psalm 19:1-14 minus the center.

I was told I have light, but I don’t know what to do with it???  Kind of like saying God had no hand in numbering the Bible. He will assemble the DNA from those who died in the sea when it gives up its dead, but numbering the Bible was the real challenge for him.

Let’s add what we cannot see,  another five to 20 for 25 the bridegroom is coming.

Those who have the world’s peace plan have it written into their existence, but darkness keeps it from them “ROMANCE.” The opposite of war is not peace. It is LOVE.

Psalm 25:1-22
Embrace the hour and show the world the greatness of our God to keep HIS promises.

Keep the balance and subtract the center, which theoretically we should never do. Jesus makes the difference.
Psalm 24:1-10

To prepare for the wedding feast, here are the steps one must take.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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