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Light Emanating from the Holy One On to the World I saw the Light

Shine Jesus Shine

That’s what this one reveals that the HOLY ONE in the center is Jesus Shining (God is, of course, not a crop circle; HE is spirit)  now, HE has a body that the angels can see but was first seen by man, they were watching to see why they were worshipping HIM.  We call HIM Jesus. He is revealing himself to be holy complete in need of nothing satisfied.  He emanates light 8 points surrounding the image reveals perfection.  The raised particles of light are 16 + 8 or  888 which is 24—psalm 24:1-10. God is coming to bring perfection and order to HIS elect. 24 elders surround the throne of God.  Revelation 4:4, but the first elder is of course found in Genesis 4:4 to the angel’s hope of the promise, and this is not some graven image of HIM made by the hands of men in the likeness of men.

It is HE who is revealing the HOLINESS HE made these.   GOD is HOLY complete in need of nothing and delights in the praises of HIS people. Getting to this position of completeness begins with a new birth experience by receiving the SPIRIT of CHRIST surrendered up to HIS FATHER at the cross. There are 16 depressions outside the circle we will subtract, then readd we want to refocus on the 8, and Psalm 8:1-9 tells us of HIS creation.  16 + 24 gives us Psalm 40:1-17 the light is shining on verses Psalm 40:8 and Psalm 40:16. The law cannot be in your heart if the Church keeps the word from you,  or should I say a “Church”?

This is a continuation of Sharing the Light

The image below is that of the congregation incomplete (not holy like our master), and because of it, they turned and made the beast that keeps them in bondage.

once the bringer of light, now our enemy and ruler of darkness Seeing the SON was to help round them out to understand what is good and what is evil. The congregation kept on insisting Lucifer (the original light bearer) do things that only the creator was ever meant to do.  The whole creation results from God having a SON waiting in faith was the angels just like the Jewish people are still waiting for their Messiah, but HE lives in us HE is Spirit, and HE wants to live in them.

As long as sin remains on their souls they cannot come to the banquet. And God wants them at HIS banquet they did for us a wonderful thing and we need to tell them this. Not act like we have gifts that most assuredly came out of Vatican Council two, we make it look like we want a revival only to side with the tares to keep it from consuming the world. The tares got to go.

Keeping the Muslims and the Jews from HIM is the apostate church that places idols in their path the wicked stand with this Church to do this wicked thing.  A church that is not found in the SEVEN churches lists in Revelation’s chapters 2 and 3.  If she were, which one is she, and why would anyone desire to be judged with her? What kind of absurdity is this how is this HOLY?

They are trying to use Mary to unite and bring peace to the middle east, what about Bob Jesus?

Jesus does not shine here; Jesus is still being crucified in their mock reenactments at the altar by the modern Pharisees of Christendom. Can you see Jesus or any of the twelve doing 5 to 3 ratios of Hail Mary’s to the Our Father? I see great men of God boldly cry out the Lord’s Prayer “ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”.  Do you think they are sacrificing Jesus continually on a mock altar in heaven? How many HOLY FATHERS will you find in HEAVEN? The blind lead the blind, and no one finds life eternal it’s not of works should any man boast; it is by faith you receive salvation.

Learn to respect the WORD. Today no one carries a Bible what will you do when they take down the internet from the common people? Keep in mind these same people (same spirits different Avatars)  historically burnt books and encroached on free thought, today they don’t have to burn books they need only flip a switch.

Starship Ressurection, and the tunnel of light the old fashion way of leaving.
Call me Daniel Jackson you don’t have to be slaves of the System Lord’s anymore.  We need to go fishing! Cast our nets on the other side.

The angels are leaving the enemy’s soldiers behind, to get on board the starship resurrection you will need to follow the outline below or go the old-fashioned way as they did in Nazi Germany let’s call that the tunnel of light if one is headed towards the light when they die were they ever walking in it?

If we all get into heaven then it wouldn’t be heaven anymore,  it would be this.

That’s why we are tested. I might have passed but I could always do better. Then again the first is supposed to be last.


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