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Miss Interpretation lead to Missed Representation It’s Germ Warfare – Part 1

I was told by a man at the time I had respect towards a Pastor and long-time old friend whom I stated in one of his services that I had won.  Jesus came to me and said, “tag your it.”  God showed me how this all started when I recognized the effigy of HIS SON in Egypt.  The reason why God refers to HIMSELF as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. My mission statement,  I have what I have because I found what I found,  because of who I am,  because HE is,  Who HE is.

After blurting out I had won, the pastor informed me that I could not let others think I was better than them.  I cannot argue with the truth, though many more than I deny it. That was the furthest thing from my mind,  I know I am a sinner saved only by the blood of the lamb, and by HIS grace, I will be fortunate to join some of you. However, after last Sunday’s service, I am convinced I will burn in hell forever because I may have missed my appointed time? So this once saved always saved; not a thing.

What of those who know me see the truth and still deny the call?

Odd how a word spoken removed or out of place in scripture can have dire consequences. Like this featured crop image, so much is missed when the wrong word is placed or removed.

Before receiving this call, I vowed to God to defend HIS word. Also, before I married my Christian wife in 1983, she and I vowed before God that if one of us fell away from the LORD, the other would do everything in their power to restore the relationship. In general, that is a good vow for any Christian to make concerning any member of the body. Let us see that none perish, but all come to repentance.

My explanation of the featured image was correct when I said God made the fallen angels with new forms, distinguishing them from the angels. The confirmation is located in the book of Enoch placed here for the last generation.   In Enoch six, we find more detail about what happened in Genesis 6, which is not a coincidence. There are two angelic rebellions, one before man and one after women were introduced.  Satan used women to draw many more of God’s angels out of heaven. They are not falling for his trickery again and will not surrender their position in the middle east to the one with fancy stones that do not like women.

He uses lust and sex to keep many from heaven, and he learned that move from the second fall.

Had I not been provoked by those in leadership positions in the Church to rise within me anger, I may have had not been blinded and seen it for what it is Germ Warfare. How can a man calling himself a Reverend look at the crop images that open the word of God to bring hope to the saved and unsaved and refer to me as a dirtbag? It wasn’t just that; he said they had a new spelling for the term dirtbag and proceeded to spell out my last name to which I replied it translates into a beautiful place. I was under the impression that light-filled me, but he called it dirt! It’s a good thing he did not call the light darkness that would have been indeed self-damning.

So why is it I could forgive the vilest having thought Obama the Antichrist and I can’t overcome what I see as apostates in the Church?  Jesus said the gates of hell would not come against the Church, but if the Church in question controls the word and keeps it from their followers, isn’t that Church birthed from hell?

For years I stood in the gap for my stepmother. Pleading with God many times in my truck what chance does she or any of them have if the word is kept away from them? I even pleaded to him to give her a place in heaven. It does not have to be big, and when I get there, I will keep her out of your hair.  That’s when my eyes were opened to what a covering is meant to do,  keep the wicked from heaven, not tempt them to sin, just keep them out of heaven if they refuse to repent. Lucifer was to inspire them to see the value in the SON and, with his well-placed tabrets and pipes, bring them to worship.

Answer me why for my immortal soul would Jesus give me this call when HE knows I do not do rejection well? From my birth mother to my Catholic stepmother,  my second-grade teacher, my many girlfriends before Christ, and my ex-Christian wife? I thought Obama was the Antichrist and wanted to shake his hand wrap my arms around him, and thank him for coming my Jesus is next.

Jesus coming means no more suffering, lying,  cheating,  stealing, molesting Children,  religious liars, drug dealers,  cartels, or guns.  Governments that don’t like HIM no longer found on the Earth.  There shall be no end with HIS government JOY, JOY, JOY, so what’s not to like about me?

Shortly after saying I wanted to wrap my arms around him,  God showed me the truth in Egypt. I solve the extremely challenging puzzle, and he says.” tag your it.” We have warnings in scripture about distancing ourselves from people with anger, then why do his people provoke it by siding with a system that steals, kills and destroys and then be mad at me because I speak out against it? Are we not instructed and even commanded to warn and turn a soul from evil?

The following was a Prophecy given me EIGHT (8) years after I gave my life to Jesus on 9/22/90 by Tom Lunger and witnessed was the pastor friend and another who should have been in Boston when I got the call.  God wanted to make his name known in Boston because they took him to court for honoring God’s word. But he even tried to convince me the crop circles were nothing. Many mornings I have awakened to Turkeys outside my window calling his name.

For the LORD would say, Son, I am going to take you into some intensified warfare, for Son I’ve called you even to my Church to be one of those who would stand with the men of God, to be an encouragement to the men of God, to be a part of my vision and what I am doing.

That you will be one that will lift people up at times and encourage them.  Son, I’m stirring within you a fire that you are going to be a help, that you you’re going to be a part, that you’re going to help pull down strongholds that when the enemy rises up son you’re going to be one that says no don’t listen to him but listen to what the Spirit of God says.

So, Son know that I am going to take you through some intensified training and you’ve cried out Lord I need understanding, I need to know this, I need to know that. Well Son get ready because I’m going to begin to take you through some situations and at times, you’re going to say, Lord, how do we go through this what’s the way, but I am going to show you what way to turn so that in turn you may show others.

Why would the devil sabotage his work and want to lift up Jesus now? I think it may be because he wants to be just like the most high and Jesus lifted up HIS Father when He was here so of course, to make your way to the top, lifting up the Father and Son would be the thing to do.

The other alternative use germ warfare eliminates unsaved souls in a Nazi-like sweep in hopes God will surrender and give him the power to create as only God can,  that may be why so many have a NASB and the power to slay in the spirit, both things,  I know they are not from God.

During the separation from my ex, I went to counseling alone she had washed her hands of me, and I couldn’t blame her.   I left her everything except for half of the sale on the house.  I could have had custody of my only Son, but I knew she was nothing like my stepmother, and from my experience, a child needs his mother.

That is why the Nazis and a certain Church have always taken children from their mothers from the Indian tribes in Canada to the girls who gave birth out of marriage in Ireland in the late 40’s and 50’s that were sold for upwards of $7000 dollars,  today it would be $80,979.83 I was adopted in 1959 to the tune of 125.00 in today’s dollars that would be $1,446.07 still quite a lot for a couple who worked in a shoe shop in Lawrence Mass for 105 combined dollars a week.

If my stepfather’s sister had not been in Catholic Charities, I would not have been placed in their home. My stepmother lost two children by miscarriages, and the last one made it so she could not have any more children.  She did not know for certain their sex but always believed they were girls. She always wanted a girl.  So when I was brought to her by my stepfather’s sister, she bundled and packaged me as a girl; my stepmother was thrilled said that when she went to change my diaper, I squirted on her, and she laughed so hard that she had to have me,  she was 32.

In counseling, I was introduced to my sub-conscience dark side where because of the alcoholism in my stepmother and my hunger for love I reject before I am rejected,  knowing it is eventually coming. So he gives me the plans to prepare the bride of Christ??? What was he thinking?

That people were going to love me discovering how to break the original curse and what he meant by if I am lifted up I will draw all men and before Abraham I am. That could only happen if HE was truly in them; not everyone is like me to want to throw their arms around the Antichrist and say thank you for coming my Jesus is next. It takes a special kind of love to do that almost Christ-Like, but no, some would rather they would see me burn in hell because I speak out on the image of the beast they chose to follow.

Their will be no Roayal weddings in England to rehearse for the Church. If the Queen dies and she never gets the message, the wealth the Bank of England held for us can only be given to us by her; as far as I know, only she can crown the rider of the white horse.  Who is the rider? Well, I thought it was Jesus who wanted to complete the last half of his three and one-half years to finish his seven? But others were denying it,  one man who saw the circles and tried to get me starting the revival expecting the Benny Hinn special. I didn’t perform as he expected,  rather than being a bearer of truth and light. Was that one of God’s angels who was thrilled I discovered the Lion in the dirt?

Want to save America? Someone wants to be placed where he was before Catholics took over America.

God promised the Queen contact before she passed, and to prepare the way for Jesus, I thought there would be excitement over the circles and the fact Jesus is coming that it was not going to be hard to stir a last-day revival.  I was alarmed at how many were following the image of the beast already and wanted me to submit to him as well ecumenical people saying how the Catholic Church was helping the harvest. Now with them in power in the Whitehouse why is it looking like Germany of 1942? Oh, and by the way, 20+22 added is 42.

I let my vow to protect HIS word become my number one mission and my anger clouded my judgment.  How can one man ruin it for so many others? The Catholic Church still has a queen, not Biblical at all. God places the sign Virgo beneath the tribe that is given Cancer. They serve her fearleslly and kill the saints for her, and she has all her hospitals she sits in front of for such a time as this.

Her priests are standing by to adminsiter last rites to those who lived for the devil.  Magically their will, will be changed in the last moments of their life????,  Sadly it does not work like that, gee honey you’re the most beautiful loving woman in the world, and I will end up with you in the end but let me try these others over here first.

God looks into the heart and the heart that mistreated his children wants to come into his home are DELUSIONAL, and so are the priests who think that way! They do not do Bible study very well, and when they do, most of it is a mystery, I take the mystery out of it.  Sadly they see themselves as agents of God.

The man given his last rites couldn’t be present in a Church 52 days out of the year with 313 to be used any way he wanted. Had he come those 52 days in an anointed church and gotten to know HIM, he would give God the 313 as well. And the world would be a better place for you and me you would see,  put the word of God in your heart!

Rather then build these websites for your lost relatives and the people you pray for I could have been doing something else.

I see a pattern emerging. Everyone who is incomplete telling the covering what he should and shouldn’t do.

Then again even Abraham missed the mark he failed to trust God and as a result, we have Ishmael. Moses struck the rock a second time and did not enter into the promised land he needed to only speak to it to put forth its waters.  We really need to take a closer look at the daily sacrificing in a Catholic mass!!!!

So at the moment, I see I am in the Kobayashi Maru. If I get to heaven, I have to face the people pointing fingers and saying he gave it his best, he tried, which would still be a personal hell knowing I missed a deadline if, in fact, I did? Could the horse of Babel (confusion) have a late start and still reveal God’s awesomeness by passing the black and red while pointing them out to the world and getting others to the cross while bringing peace to the nation of Israel by showing them Christians who genuinely love them? I found that the crooked arrows supporting Catholicism do not love them or the idols would be gone and the mock priesthood repentant.

If God’s word is tampered with then let us not complain of the judgment coming, for the church today holds the NASB as the standard for holiness, and yet within it words removed and for what reason? Why leave out the word replenish it is only found in two places in all the scriptures,  will no one miss it? Then there is that small detail about enemies that swallow him up daily if it is only for David who could only be cannibalized but once why mention it at all?  Why remove it from the NASB? Psalm 56:1-2 KJV and Psalm 56:1-2 NASB.  Don’t get me started on the word respect that many of you no longer have in your Bible.

The devil blinded many eyes to who the enemy truly is in the NASB. The Watergate scandal and the opening up trade with your future rulers the kings of the east, came at the same time the NASB made its appearance.  What war was being fought in the heavens over America when all that unfolded? God’s word was being rewritten, and King James did not have his soldiers guarding the door to keep the Papists out.

This image should be captioned the word of God being destroyed so that others may not be saved.

If not for the KJV of the Bible there would not be the number of Christians we have today, but look how many were martyred because of it and where is the justice for them Revelation 6:10?

I believe within its pages is another revival, and I keep my vow of defending HIS word.

Are you not the same people who claim to love God with all your heart mind and soul? Yet allow his Son to be continually offered up in a mock sacrifice?  Men pretending to be holy outwardly but inwardly haters of God-denying the victory over sin. Their actions and teachings deny the first sacrifice claiming it was not sufficient for all they must complete it?!?  Is it any wonder a NAZi like system has come to our Protestant Nation of America?

In order to properly represent God, the Church must always be included, I failed part of the mission, by not explaining the love story in better detail God’s to Israels and to you.  That’s what happens when you try to assign undo power to one who was only called to reveal the SON’s value and tell you Jesus is on HIS way.

So in order to silence him and cause a nervous breakdown keep the microphone away and act like God cares more about the Pro-life movement more than lifting HIS SON and removing the first curse off the Earth before man came,  that we stumbled into.  Death was already here John 8:44 you cannot murder angels unless they take on flesh.  Lucifer was thrown out of heaven placed here before us, so was death, and the dinosaurs roamed in their time death was here if Satan was.

What if this image below is actual,  I beleive it is, it confirms what God had shown me that gravity was less powerful and the reason dinosaurs were so grand, and why angels fallen still believed they could still fly.  Note the size and thin bone structure are those the bones of Lucifer the fallen?  Something that large would need bigger bones to walk on a planet with heavy gravity? Hes got that cyclops eye thing going on. Are we looking at his body and beneath his spirit? If in fact, the photo is genuine and not some Hollywood graphic. We know the crop circle is real. God loves us and has my failing cost so many the opportunity to know HIM? Did I fail it’s still not over? Whatever happened to going viral with Good news? I am not hiding my talent.

I happen to know that the Smithsonian hides away the giant bones that are dug up only because they fight against the truth.

Pre Noah and what Noah did not have that I have is technology, crop circles, and Nazis just not good enough,  even with his story written into my life I still have to prove something to somebody,  what that is I’ve not a clue?

Ezekiel 28:13 is the original image of the beast we war against today.  Knowing that he likes to play Church is there a reflection here on the Earth trying to complete his new world order?  Should the lamps that made the crop images bow to that?

Like Jacob,  Father is and where is HIS Benjamin?  We know what happened to Joseph, and clearly,many of us haven’t changed? You may support the mass because inwardly you enjoy the re-sacrificing of Christ and if HE were here again like he came the first time you would again cast him down. No??? So then why has America fallen?  You took him off the throne here to make way for the Pope.

America was established by a Protestant movement let us never forget that we lost it because the Church from Rome backed and blacked mailed government officials.  Their CIA starts wars and they claim ignorance of their part in it while their funds loaned to the war effort are paid back in interest off the taxes on us. She was drunk with the blood of the saints.

History has always revealed how two-faced they are just like the god they serve. That’s why you can double Isaiah 14 and point to Ezekiel 28.  Ezekiel 28:13 gives you his original description is there an image of that here on the Earth? Is there anyone you know who many follow covered with all sorts of precious and costly ornaments who steal kill and destroy?

Maybe what threw many off is that the woman riding the beast is only holding one golden cup while they have thousands and wouldn’t it be better to sell the gold and feed and share the word to a hungry soul and show yourself as Christ would want? Mother Theresa was popular because she was the only one doing any of the work and sadly she said she did not know for sure of her salvation because her Church makes them totally dependent on them.  Calcutta India was not blessed like America, England, or even Dubai. Though her Church had the resources,  the reality is you should be totally dependent on Jesus and the Bible, not men,  do not put your trust in men.

If I began to spew God has no SON or lets get back to nature pre fall I would want you to flee.

They want to control it because it’s profitable for them; people fighting with each other sells guns.  Every real “Born Again”  Christian flees from them and becomes a Psalm 1 Saint. Without followers, their wickedness has no power.

I imagine he could be saying we are going to bring in China to rape your women and Children and you can do nothing about it. The gates of hell do not come against that Church because it is not the Church just the hole in the ground they crawl out of as the word to keep one safe is not given too any of them.

Save us saints from all powers foreign and domestic!

Psalms 12:8 KJV  The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

The Irish Catholics created the word terrorism when trying to remove British control over Ireland, they know how to end the true worshippers of God and the gates of hell will not come against them because they are servants of hell!

And the Holy Spirit “filled” men never even noticed or they do and remain silent how does that help?

When they assassinated JFK and they did,  to prove to you I know they did,  God brought home our beloved C.S. Lewis on the same day.  He was aged 64 while Kennedy was 46 and Father had me find Psalm 64 letting you know we know and HE is very much involved in our world. God is not dead nor does HE remain silent!

Have a taste Psalms 64:4-5 KJV
(4)  That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.
(5)  They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

Every sitting President was influenced into building their one world order from that day forward. Ronald Reagan was the first  President I was old enough to vote for, I recently learned that he could not have been a candidate to the Republican party without taking on George H.W. Bush as his Vice President.

The CIA has a charter claiming they will not interfere with our politics and isn’t their profession lying? Its their major export second only to heroin and drugs? Ever see the image where the snake devours himself?

John 8:44 KJV
(44)  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it (clearly,  them as well).

Don’t let her fool you she will kill them all and those left behind who refuse to take their mark.

I have a love story too, that the only woman I have ever been married to did not believe me when I told her I loved her.  Pretty sure Israel may be feeling the same thing.  To you the true saint, we owe Israel all the love we can muster in these last days.  Jesus wants us to include them in the fold and be the light they need to find HIM.

Isaiah 26:20-21 KJV
(20)  Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
(21)  For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

Nazi socialism healthcare (germ warfare) on the left-wing Nazis on the right, it was only a hundred years ago doctors were bleeding patients to heal them, the Bible says that the life is in the blood. Dr. Joseph Mengala the butcher of Germany did unspeakable things to the bodies of the Nazi prisoners,  his favorite thing to do was cause one twin to suffer pain to see the reaction of the other in a distant room,  that was in the 1940’s. He was the influencer in the eugenics movement a doctor and a monster bound together.  I hate what man does to man, so should all of us. Spiritually speaking Dr. Joe had a demon who tried to discover the significance of the twins a sign in the heavens given to Benjamin remember Saul became Paul and boasted of his connection to this tribe. Each of the twelve tribes were assigned star signs. I warn you do not follow the stars follow the one who made the stars Father God who gave from the beginning all credit to HIS SON before HE even made man. Joseph was the archetype for Christ and we know the whole story only unfolds when Benjamin gets to Egypt.

Love your neighbor as yourself,  clearly, monsters do not love themselves or God. There are good honey bees that produce fruit and honey while serving their queen bee,  then there are the killer bees protecting their imaginary queen. Did you forget how God judged those who were Jews that worshipped a queen of heaven in Jeremiah? He was angry because he chose them to be HIS woman HIS Queen, what will he do to the ecumenical crowd when he sees you built another Nazi-like system because like my Mormon nephew you learned nothing! He wanted to trade my Yankee swap gift of the NKJV on Audio CD for a bottle of booze and made his intentions to do so very clear to all, then God said to me, its over I am shutting it down they learn nothing! That was Christmas 2008.

Continued in Part two Germ Warfare how misinterpretation can destroy a people or hiding the message Psalm 56:1-2 KJV revealed Psalm 56:1-2 NASB hidden.

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