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Part 2-It is Germ Warfare so rapture closer than ever.

You need to wake up if you cannot see the antichurch making one more attempt at killing Protestantism. It should be evident to many in the Church questionable gifts came into the Church after Vatican two. What appeared to be a holy undertaking the reality was everyone under its power stands back up in defense of the murderers and killers of Protestant Christians.

If they genuinely repented, Mary and the idols made with the hands of men would be gone, along with the priesthood.

Where’s the justice for those in Revelation 6:10, our brothers and sisters? What many ecumenists allowed to happen to America would again let the same trouble come into heaven. Coming out of her would show your total devotion to Jesus and give no excuse for the angels to leave one behind.

I’m under the impression it is not of God to pick the lesser of the two evils when that is evil’s intention. How could the people of God support Mitt Romemoney for President when he ran, and no one noticed his V.P. running mate Paul Ryan was also a Catholic? Romney’s Church tells him their men will be gods someday? How is that helping that man? The Mormons brought back the Aaronic Priesthood, and the blind wouldn’t understand why that is Blasphemy and AntiChrist. God states that if HE brings back the thing that HE destroyed because it is no longer of use, He has become a transgressor? The Aaronic priesthood offered up animal sacrifices on behalf of the people to atone for their sins and was no longer needed after Jesus.

Is bringing it back an antichrist move? The antichrist will deny that Jesus came in the flesh and is the Son of God. Bringing back a sacrificing priesthood does precisely that. The Protest is not over for God!

So Mormons deny Christ as the only begotten Son of God, and clearly, HIS sacrifice was inefficient if they want to claim they now have the restored priesthood. I am confident they are lying.

The priesthood started by Jesus had an end coming; once the final sacrifice was made, it ended the purpose of HIS priesthood and gave us all the opportunity to be a High Priest and inspect HIM ourselves. Bringing back a sacrificing priesthood on behalf of the people denies the final sacrifice. It denies that Christ came in the flesh and is the Son of God,  they create a false dependence on the wrong things, and JFK was killed because he almost exposed them in his secret society speech, and they put their CIA to work in removing him.

Lawton was told to stand down and not ride on the back of Kennedy’s car; he throws his hands up to reveal they knew ahead of time.

You cannot change the nature of a shark; this one distorts the purpose of the star of David.

The star is meant to place us in a protective place in preparation to fly.

I encounter an amazing man of God from time to time; I refer to him in my own heart as the Ninja Warrior for God. He is a man so full of the Holy Spirit I think he carries the anointing of Michael the Archangel. Michaels banner looks a lot like a Ninja warrior. He will do great things in these last days, but the thing I do not see him doing is the Benny Hinn, and I think he has more of the Spirit of God in him than Benny Hinn does, so why doesn’t he?

This crop circle was made with SEVEN raised sections in a weave pattern SIX in the middle three parts in the center if unwoven with the ring four parts. I need Michael’s help; once he is awakened, my Michael would not keep me from speaking the word of the LORD. Here are the passages I find. Psalm 3:1-8 (eight is two 3’s facing each other), Psalm 4:1-8, Psalm 6:1-10 (I was born 6/10 10 minus 6 leaves us the first four commandments), and last but not least, Psalm 7:1-17. You can also make an M with the three banana-like shapes; Michael was a created being with no evolution involved. Instead of a lover, the rebellion pushed him into a fighter that is not evolution; it’s de-evolution.

My warrior friend would even attest that he has more of the Spirit of God in him than do I. I’m twice his age and have been walking with God longer.  However, within his midst, as spiritually strong as he is,  I find deacons who stand up and claim they have no problem with Catholics (well, what about the idolatry and all the lies they spread about their positions in the kingdom? God reveals by the trap set called America, which is meant to expose them to set their captives free.

They are against HIM and the Jewish people God wants now in his kingdom how are they going to help???   God is leaving them behind.  As you can see, I do care for them as I do all. ) When his deacon said that in front of me, the Spirit in me spoke and said, “he will have a problem with them when he is left behind with them.”  So I concluded,  add another to the beheading column!

Help them now, people; it is in the world’s best interest and theirs as it is even your lost family members.

The Irish Catholics fought against the British Government (Protestant) for the independence of their nation, and they used terrorist tactics now, we have one as a President who was unconstitutionally elected when the Democrats bought John McCain’s seat in 2008. McCain knew whom he was dealing with the same ones who lied to us and caused other nations to hate us who took out JFK. They start wars we have to fight, and John McCain was when JFK didn’t want to get into the wars are meant to tax us while ruining our financial standing in the world.  Force us into a relationship where we owe China our national debt because they stole their gold from them. If you remember, the IRA was much like Al Queda is today, who is now again being supported by the sale of American weapons. They are again planning to bring violence into America, and with us busy fighting Russians, we will seek assistance from the U.N., and they will send in China.

Still, want to pull the microphone away from me, Sensei?

Just as the first covering failed to protect the light, I am stubborn and refused to bow to a Church that mocks God, knowing full well having been raised by them that they do not know Christ. I had Pentecostals telling our church to pray for more Catholics to be placed on our supreme court caring more about the unborn than the souls already here or what was happening to America because of them; keep in mind King gSaul was a pro-lifer.  We only won against the Nazis because the Catholic church blessed their soldiers before battle.

We know God does not hear the prayer of the unrighteous (stumbling blocks to Jewish people); why do you join with them and ask God to heal your land?

The souls are already here; the battle would be easier if they were turned and repented. Many Christians were deceptively betraying America by compromising his word, and the same would betray the kingdom of God. The angels leave behind the sinful so they can see where they went wrong, just like I may burn in hell forever because the Queen of England may never see who was doing her crop circles.


Wigglesworth, I am not, but his name says a lot.

My last name was divinely given to me; it means a beautiful place; will I miss it as well?

I could start with my testimony or how my best friend and mentor to Jesus died 37 days after 9/11, Psalm 37:1-40; he taught me being a crusader and standing on the word is the only way to win. A big J.T. Chick tract fan, Chick made the appointed times list. His date of being called home points to “it is a wise man who wins souls.”

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