Signs · September 13, 2021

12 Towers each according to age it is the Children of Jacob


Abraham begets Isaac, born from the free woman Sarah, Isaac gives us Jacob and Esau, and this crop images point to both brothers and their offspring; Jacob had twelve sons who make up the house of Israel. Esau’s family is found in Genesis 36:1-43. Esau also married into the family of Ishmael Genesis 28:9.

We get to Genesis 36 by counting the 12 towers multiplying by the three sides found on each.

They are our tower and refuge in these last days. They represent the angels who kept the faith and did not swerve for hopes of the SON revealing himself. They see how you treat them to determine one’s worthiness to come HOME. So I would dump the idols and come out of her as God asks.

God called Abraham out of the land of Ur in cheddar cheese Chaldeas. He sought a city whose builder and maker was God, and low and behold; he finds himself smack dab in the center of the earth in Egypt.  Of course, back then, they did not even know it was the center of the earth. Here he tells his wife half-sister from another mother to tell the Egyptians she’s his sister.  It’s not a lie, but the Pharoah takes a shine to Sarai, and because God has plans for them both, he promised a son, and God keeps his promises. He sends all sorts of trouble on the Pharoah. The Pharoah gets a God-like fear over him; yeah, that’s the one. He sends Abram and Sarai packing with gifts just to call off the curse. Food for thought, people. There is a plan in the works.

God wanted a family not dysfunctional but functional who would respect HIS word and the teachings of HIS SON.  He gave HIS angels and us this gift of free will, and the direction you allow it to take will determine your eternity.

Cows and pigs expel an odor that is offensive to our sense of smell; to each other, they do not even notice.

So anyone who does not like being around the saints and the men of God today would certainly not do well in heaven when pigs fly, and fish live comfortably out of water out of their element then and only then will I consider an unregenerated man without the HOLY SPIRIT comfortable around the HOLY.

He would feel uncomfortable out of place.  Jesus spoke of the man without the proper wedding attire at the feast. He would not be welcome in the old ragged condition he showed up in. Yes, we are to compel them to come in, but we need to clean them as well.

Holy is not an attitude. It’s a state of being at peace, needing nothing but the presence of God.

I’m not quite there yet. I have needs. Right now, I need someone to help me clean my apartment; this bachelor thing has taken its toll, and I drive at night,  type in the day, and I hunt and peck, so it’s a lot of work. Getting this out there for the ones you love is all that matters to me. Man does not build a house without first counting the cost.  This new site should prove more mobile-friendly and faster on the download.

I am not talking about a holiness attitude. I’m talking about the whole home improvement renovation basement to attic renewal. Knowing that you know you are a new creation for a new creation soon coming.

Step into Christ and allow Christ to step into you and become your tower of refuge.

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