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The Only Top King Forever the King of Kings all Three Sections Combined.

April 10th, 2022, was Palm Sunday Easter week, and I had chosen to spend it with my only son. We met up in Ft. Lauderdale; he flew in from California. He is my only lineage, past or present that I have known whom I have not seen in nearly seven years. I would undoubtedly see more of him if the Church could only embrace this excellent plan of God of compelling the lost to come in.

Men do war, and Women do weddings. Which is God more glorified by? Just saying.

Maybe it’s time for the woman to shine; they have been blamed for the fall from the beginning when God made it clear to Adam,  “BECAUSE I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT OF IT.” Last year, I heard the devil was busy making sure women knew their place. Jesus is coming back for a bride without spot or blemish, and I don’t think men know how to prepare a bride. I’m pretty sure they don’t that could be why men who don’t marry should not be running the Church. Did you know the devil doesn’t like women he never seen them coming. With an unexpected surprise and the procreation of children he knew one day for sure the SON would show up but before this he was oblivious.

Two subjects he hates the most are women and children, families are his target of destruction. Children his number one targets.

Bishops are to be the husband of one wife and remain sober. While deacons should not be given over to too much wine and their houses in order. 1 Timothy 3:1-13 KJV

His Bishops do not marry cloistered away they burn for each other.

It was after he built the effigy and said if the SON ever shows up I will make HIM my pet that was pre man,  pre woman.

We are made in God’s image and he hates us all of us and his puppets build their own gallows meant for Protestant Christians.

Tolkien bowed to another mediator and stole most of his material from the false god Odin a god given to war.  C.S.Lewis was called home on the same day as JFK was murdered Lewis was 64, Psalm 64 points to Tolkien’s church as the instigator in destroying America by threatening its POTUS? Psalm 64:1-10.

When it comes to war and violence, we can count on the men who never married who never knew the love of a good woman, Romans bread, to do so.

Keep in mind people I was raised Catholic but surrendered to Christ at a Bible study, then began attending my education in God 101 at 101 School St. Salem, NH.

My Son and I would have been closer except for his experience at the Church his mother and I dedicated him in; no children his age there befriended him when he came to live with me. The divorce harmed his spirit and made him introverted when he was young. He knows I love him; it is God he doubts because of the way his peers kept their distance in the church.

Do my friends know and have decided to let my son suffer all because they refuse to listen, his skin be torn from his body, and undergo horrible torture as he faces his father performing the deed. After all, God has written all but that part of the story into my life.   Sadly my only son cannot save you from your sins, but I know that HIS SON can, and the reason for all of this is to teach us why the worship of one God is so important and why there is only ONE Mediator. Priests keep others from knowing that Jesus is the only Mediator between man and HIS ONE HOLY FATHER.

God prepares for us a banquet in the presence of our enemies Psalm 23:5.

Below is a house my two Christian brothers and I rented in 91 while the family was probating the owner’s will. The family was Jewish and had the Mezuzah on the entrance to the front door. The house is in Wilmington, Ma, where I worked at Radio Shack (You got Questions,  I got Answers), located on 23 Salem Street.  I was 23 when I surrendered my life to Christ, and my First Church was in Salem, NH. Salem comes from the word Shalom which means Peace. The Prince of Peace is on HIS WAY!

Phony priests hand out penance like they have that power,  have a cookie, and you will feel right as rain. Can a Catholic say five our Fathers and three Hail Mary’s on the Rosary? Would that be O.K?

What part of only one mediator between man and God did they miss? Why are there not more men of God defending the word of God?   Why does the restored priesthood of 300 AD insist on being the go-betweens? Controlling and hiding the word sounds like the devil to me, and he has so many supporters in the Church protecting his favorite Church.

There are seven, and which is she of the seven? Of course, I know there are more than 50,000 different churches today, all claiming to have some special anointing or leading by God; that is confusing for many who are lost; how can we unite as truly what Christ desires?

If I be lifted up Jesus said, the key. His effigy sat waiting to be discovered in Egypt.

So here, my son and I were in unchartered waters in Ft. Lauderdale and unfamiliar with any of the Churches except for Coral Ridge Ministries that I recognized.  I was a big fan and supporter of D. James Kennedy, who loved our great country and stood on the word of God. I did not get a chance to visit his Church. Surely those shoes would be hard to fill; someday soon, I shall visit. I, of course, checked for his appointed time, and it falls appropriately on Psalm 119:1-176  11+5+20+07+ age 76 = 119. Thank you, Pastor Kennedy, for your loyal service.

May we all end up with a great Psalm like that when we die.

I will place you on our appointed time’s list with all the other honored men of God, our saints, but please do not pray to them; go to God in the name of Jesus alone HE will hear you when you call, and you can join their ranks.

If you want to know where I got my appointed times list, the Bible says God knows the end of a man’s life.  The twist on this was C.S. Lewis, who went home on the day JFK was murdered, and he was the opposite age of John F. Kennedy, 46 for Psalm 64:1-10 God calls HIS own HOME. HE makes the final plans, and our day (RAPTURE) shall not come until the man of perdition arises.

I want more men like D. James Kennedy in our nation and heaven.

My best friend and mentor in the faith, a CRUSADER, died 37 days after 9/11 at the age of 42, and we knew who was really behind it.  Psalm 37 confirms it for me.

Liars and those who practice deceiving will find themselves in the lake of fire.

Pro-life is not what gets you into heaven.

Praying to Mary cannot get you into heaven,  or praying to saints of the same faith.

They are too busy having fun to be bothered with us; we have the law and the prophets. They are not coming back to help. Take a lesson from the rich man and Lazurus, a teaching by the master who also made it clear when dealing with religious people to call no man Father. That is who he was talking about, religious people!

Men who said a few wise words became ordained to be special, made by them to pray too, by those who are deceived. Another take on the woman who traveled with Paul, shouting follow these men; they are from God Acts 16:16-18.  How do I know they are deceived? They’re having men pray to dead saints (necromancy) instead of going to Christ directly. Isn’t that why HE came? A direct relationship with Christ keeps us safe. They are sinking like Peter because they took their eyes off of Jesus.

If they weren’t deceived, they would have seen the gallows they were building for themselves, painting themselves into a corner. That’s not smart; with so much brainpower you think they could have done better. So God takes his loyal subjects out as the angels know who is paying attention. The devil set them up, and the dragon of China will devour them; they made it so.

They should have opened the word and let it do its work,  not try and make it work for them in controlling others, allowing it to work to change them.

We open the gates of heaven when we spread and open the word; they open the gates of hell by controlling it and keeping people from reading it.  It was meant for us all, not just a few.

That is why the lamps Lucifer once carried now open the word in graphics; the wicked that serves him took the word away and gave us icons and relics rather than the word.

The Pope would not have to kiss the Koran had he not kept the Bible from the Children of Ishamael. They would undoubtedly become better Christians than Rome, Just as America or England had.

No one is to consider himself better than another. This includes a post-crucifixion priest. Desiring to control, they ordained saints made to be better than the rest of us. Why can’t you be more like your brother? Canonized by a religious system that mocks the sacrifice repeatedly (repetition never brings new results)  while equally mocking the Jewish priesthood that God purposely ended and with good reason.

We lose sight of Jesus and sink in the waters with so many to pray to. I can’t stress enough that there is one mediator between man and God,  Jesus was the visible image of the invisible God.

History reveals they are not to be trusted. Saints who may or may not be in heaven because they rejected the only real HOLY FATHER and placed substitutes to mediate for them,  keeping the multitudes from direct contact with God.

The purpose of the cross was direct contact with God through careful inspection of Jesus and HIS finished work.

Greek or Roman Catholic, which HOLY FATHER will you want to stand with on judgment day? Both have a mock sacrifice. Which one is the right one? Which one is the wrong one? It seems they both keep Abraham’s children from the truth of the finished work of the lamb.

Good leadership stands its ground and does not let the wolves lead the sheep it exposes them.

Fishing on both sides of the boat is not the plan of God or all four sides; only one side brings in the catch.

Which would be safer to stand with on judgment day?

Keep in mind this man chose his HOLY Father (the emperor who is wearing new clothes while mocking the finished work of Christ).

Where is the spiritual discernment?

They have chosen their HOLY FATHER! Yet how many of these HOLY FATHERS are there in Heaven?

So, back to Ft. Lauderdale, I let God decide which of the top seven churches we would attend in Ft. Lauderdale for Palm Sunday, I turned my attention to the search engine where I found the top 10 list put up by Yelp, which coincidently gives the best food places in Ft. Lauderdale. RIGHT!  That was the kind of thing I was looking for,  good food.

I took the top seven and wrote each one down on a slip of paper, where I then proceeded to fold them into squares and allowed my son to choose the church so that he would know that I had not preplanned any of it and you would know too,  it was the draw of the lot.

I then told my son that the message would be relevant to us both; he chose Calvary Chapel, and we were blown away by the saints there and the history of the Church confirms God’s hand.

I was blown away by the community it is what the Church I was married at could have been had one of our Pastors or leadership brought the sin to light rather than hide it like the devils they are. It’s how we got Egypt, someone needing to hide their sin rather than bring it out in the open. As the word says your sin will find you out!

The selection was spot on, with God behind it all.

The Church had a lot in common with the Church my divorce centered around, how God used my divorce to help me find the truth about Egypt.  The reason I was separated from my only SON and my beautiful wife. ( I have no other family; he is my only blood and someone the devil hates and does not care about.) Calvary church opened a door for dialogue. What God has joined together, let no man separate.

Thank you, Jesus, for such a model as Calvary Chapel to build all our communities around a living example of how things will be in heaven. I will be adding clips of our visit in a future post.

So, to see this incredible place God brought us to through my son’s hand, I included the link to the message we heard on that Palm Sunday. The message was taken from Exodus 15:1, the first song of Moses, and such a timely message in Exodus because many loyal saints will be doing it soon. Enjoy palm Sunday at Calvary Chappel. I did.

I told my son that 15 is also written as 555, which we all know comes before 666. Ezekiel 33 is the same man with two jobs. God is perfect, and 8 is his number. Split it in two; it looks like E3.  Turn one away from the other, and we have 33 in one person for two purposes. The Pentecostals want the man whom God chooses to be with the power of Benny Hinn or Smith Wigglesworth; they cannot love Bobby without them,  not the way Jesus does? Do I have to be someone else??? Finding why the curse of death is on the earth, to begin with, is not motivational enough for the saints to gather around and lift Jesus’s effigy out of the world so he can be seen high and lifted up. I need to perform miracles; having Abel back is not a good enough miracle?

This became longer than I wanted so I placed read more on the left rather than break it up into parts.

Sectioned 1,2,3 left to right.

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Jesus Christ is King of Kings forever.



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