movies · September 13, 2021

Don't Want to Miss This

The Star-ship Resurrection

The image is a ship made to appear as a pyramid over a stargate; the ship’s four points are suspended by the commandments at the top of God’s list; there are two engines on the ship 4 is usually the multiplier, so (4 x 2 = 8). Psalm 8:1-9 tells us who made the heavens that we are headed towards in the resurrection. It mentions the moon and stars -Thank You Jesus.

The video reveals more if you are curious about the other hidden gems. The world is full of hidden treasures.  The Bible helps us see them.

Hide the word in your heart so you may not sin against HIM, guard your heart for the days of this world are evil, many have sided with God’s enemies.

Psalm 56:1-2

My dear stepmother raised me by placing me in front of the television when I was a child. So I know most of us can pick up on the messages being sent our way others want to hide them until they get the POWER they are looking for.

Isn’t it amazing the importance of just one person? How one person can make such a difference in our world and culture. Just like one person was supposed to make a difference in heaven. One person began losing faith and did not see his own value, just as the church does not see the true value of Jesus.

The youngest Cherub in heaven was covered with many precious stones Ezekiel 28:13. He did not see his true value and wanted more than just to carry the light. He wanted to be the light.

I will love to share my light with men who have not bowed to the image of the beast,  with his covering of many stones and placing people in power.

They want a Jesus who embraces paganism and idolatry, not caring about the Jewish people at all. Bless them and be blessed is what God commanded? Side with the Nazis, you will burn in hell.  They may not go by the name Nazis anymore, but their agenda is very much the same.

Adam sinned; he was just one man. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of sin, which is death. The blood we wash in and trust in makes us clean for heaven freeing us from the law. Jesus was just one man. A great man, the SON of the living God.

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