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Hall of Doors

The Hall of Doors – Escaping the Matrix


The message of the battle was in this franchise of films, truth be told this is not the movies but the reality of heaven and hell has always been true.

The movie has a Trinity an Oracle, Doors, and only one door that leads to heaven, the passages we find have these same words including Awakenings, Gatekeepers, and Key Holders.

The raised sections tiles on the floor are 23 in all. Who doesn’t know Psalm 23?  Here we find in whose house we will dwell who honor his words.

Psalm 23:1-6  the spaces between are also 23 so let’s give Psalm 46:1-11 a look though nothing from the Matrix stands out it is nice to know HE can make wars to cease and that is when the hole mentioned in the last post is filled with HIS Spirit.

The design is actually a pyramid when looking down on it with four sides so let us use 4 as a multiplier as we like to add to our home.

This is about the pyramids and there was one smack dab in the center of the earth before Abraham was.

4 x 23 =Psalm 92:1-15, Psalm 92:13 are you attending a church that loves Jesus?

The three doors on either side are made up using seven sections apiece we will use 4 again as a multiplier and do one side. 4 x 7 =28

plus the 2 sides emphasis on verse 2  Psalm 28:1-9 our oracle. I would be kind of an oracle now wouldn’t I?

To find out what the oracle is saying let’s add the two sides 7 + 7 = 14 the oracle is quoting Psalm 14:1-7.

Psalm 14:7 we have our Zion!  Let us again take the 4 and multiply that by the total doors for Psalm 24:3

The doors ask the question the ceiling answers 4 x the 4 ceiling beams equals 16 the verse is the three spaces in between the beams Psalm 16:3.

Question Psalm 24:3,  Answer Psalm 16:3

Escape the Matrix

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