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Angry With the Wicked all Day Long

There are ten raised cuts x the eye of eight equals 80; subtract the pyramids that should have never been built. The devil makes slaves of you. G-d’s HOLY lamps Lucifer once carried made these and are pointing us to Psalm 78:1-72 The angry eyes have pyramids inside the number 8, Eight is the number of perfection (Christ) that’s why Sanat has eight reindeer and not six.

Think of me as Daniel Jackson, who went through the Stargate and found all those people slaving for those false gods. Be it known; I always liked Daniel. He never bowed to the wicked ones. He also read the handwriting on the wall.

Unlike the Babyface of the Post “When I was a Child,” this one is revealing ANGER, and the Bible tells us God is angry with the wicked all day long. When sin gets to be too much, and it spills over in the cup of iniquity in the throne room, Judgment must come.

That’s when the tears of the saints are poured out before the feet of God to keep it from HIM. This is the SIN HIS SON died for, and they refuse to acknowledge HIS mercy; they refuse to end it. They embrace the enemy who would like to keep sacrificing the SON over and over. They know that God placed the Israelites in bondage because they adapted to the pagan cultures around them. He wants to win the people of Abraham into HIS kingdom, and those who claim to serve HIM embrace the new age culture and cause the Israelites to stumble in the way.

Please note that the revelation talks of many beheaded saints in the last days.  Like the angels held in chains for not coming to the aid of the first bearer of light. Then there are those who become converts after the church is gone. No doubt by the ones left behind, who shake their fist at God wondering why they got left???

These two books help explain it, and to be sure you are not making God angry; they should be heard or read.

Buy now!

Buy now!

Both of them can be downloaded in full audio at the Berean Call website using their apps along with other great works.

To help you witness to the lost new sites that duplicate, the speed of this one has gone up.  No one wants to wait for the meme sites unless they understand why they exist.  Do you want power?  Get them saved and watch the power come. click this link to continue on that site this post.  Do it on your cell phone to see what I mean. click this link to continue on that site of this post.  Do it on your cell phone to see what I mean.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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