Signs · September 13, 2021

Shaped Like The Star of David

A Crown of Thorns

12 thorny points 6 inner to make up the weave that’s  18 John 18 talks about his arrest and how HIS kingdom is not of this world and neither is mine or those who have been called. Inside the center, there is a spiritual one as well kind of like us you can’t see the Spirit but you know HE’s there. 18 plus 12 places us in Psalm 30:1-12 emphasis on verse 3.

The beauty of this is you can see how supportive of Israel HE is making this in David’s honor, I gave this to an ecumenical AG pastor who did not want to hear what it is we are seeking to do, he wanted me to bow to Rome and how would that help anyone?  This is about standing for what you know is right decent and good.

While I tried talking to him he was busy playing with the apps on his iPhone.

God said he was sending an Angel in Moses’s day and warned them not to provoke him to anger, with me it’s ok to do???

There was the wise Pharaoh with Abram and Sarai and because of the plagues, he knew God had a plan for them. This man allowed judgment to fall in the house they had no protection from the attacks because they sided with the harlot.  Was it because he didn’t like my finding the truth?  He wanted power but would not allow these tools to be used to build the house of God.

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