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They Are Telling You Their Plans I Still Say God Has a Better Plan Found In The Bible.

The following video clip about an Elephant should become the Republican Party’s wake-up call to unite and the Church to stand up and speak out against the Democrats who have turned America into the Antichrist System it has become. Their healthcare plan tries keeping group gatherings under 25 to create their one-world order.  America stood for the freedom to worship and give out the good news by allowing missionaries from here to other countries, which has now turned around.  God made it obvious to who it was you could not trust with the kingdom, and those who would follow would be the ones who betrayed the light and called the darkness light and the light darkness.

Jesus said those who break the LEAST of these commandments and teach others to do the same. Will be called least in the kingdom of Heaven; they do so because of the absence of the HOLY SPIRIT.

These people will go through tribulation to become the beheaded saints rather than be heading to Heaven.

Those who keep the commandments of God/ Jesus and teach others to will be called the greatest in the kingdom. Below are the ten commandments; the first is the original ten, and don’t let the Roman numerals fool you; they were initially written with Hebrew characters. Below the first is the Catholic version of the ten, and those who defend or aid them are not the greatest in the kingdom; it shows a lack of love for God and Israel. You need to be born of the HOLY SPIRIT in order to possess the power to keep God’s laws.

God would not change the ten commandments, not one jot or tittle. Watch number two and number six. The Catholic Corrupted Version

They call the darkness light, and the light they call darkness.

How often I have felt the peer pressure to join them.

There is a woe to them from Jesus for doing so.

The first four commandments deal with our relationship to God; the six after deal with our relationship with each other. If you keep and adhere to the top three, the rest need not be worried about you must be “Born Again” and have the Spirit of God in you to overcome the world and discern the truth.

While Republicans use the Elephant as one who should never forget, the Democrats use the Jack Ass and how befitting. In a two-party system where we do not war to change leadership, one bought out the other; the evil bought out the good it is the only way they could have won so close to the return of Christ.

Animal mascots are found in nations, such as the Eagle represents America; the Eagle also was used by the Roman armies,  birds of a feather flock together. Our Protestant founders hoped to expose the false Church condemning billions to hell. Because the enemy is so clever, he has incorporated men claiming to be Christians into the Protestant communities in the attempt to build his final one-world Church and government. Never forget Revelation speaks of Seven Churches, not just one bully Church that treats their congregants like animals and makes slaves of them by leaving them void of the word allowing Communism to flourish. Because they keep the word of God hidden, they create a void for the devils to frolic in, bringing about Communism as the final result.

Russia uses the Bear as its symbol. They became a communist nation after overthrowing the Czar, a Russian (Byzantine) Orthodox Christian family. If you are a student of History and a man like myself who believes Alberto Rivera is a genuine, honest Born Again Christian,  former Jesuit who embraces truth. He stated in his writings that the Catholic Jesuits dressed in ordinary clothes incited the revolution in Russia.  In the mind of the devil who seeks to take over the world, there can only be one HOLY Father, so this was an attempt to show the weakness of the Byzantine Orthodox Church while arguing over the length of what their candles should be on the altar.

Both HOLY FATHERS can’t be right; let me remove the confusion. They are both wrong. Jesus ended the purpose of HIS priesthood to be a high-ranking priest yourself. You must inspect the sacrifice; once you accept the gift, you will need no other priest, just good teachers who know how to Bible study and allow the spirit access to the congregation.

Jesus is at the door, and we are arguing about what’s false and true?

Why are the ones with all the great gifts the greatest apostates getting us to embrace the image of the beast? He being reflected in Rome having gathered all his precious stones and placing his soldiers in the political offices around the globe? Something Satan told his demons he would do for them and give them power.

God planned to help us Daniel 8:12.

God gives us wealth so it can be used for his glory and not for personal pomp and pageantry, as we love HIM more than gold or silver.  The devil was the one who originally revealed the value of the SON. He, in rebellion, was stripped of the adornment that made him special as the light bearer.  When tossed from Heaven, he has since been trying to obtain that position again and rise above the most high whom he believed was not real.  Until 2000 years ago, he found out how real the SON is. He wants others to think the SON of GOD is not real but a myth. Leaving Christ on the cross is the ultimate goal for him, not raised from the dead and in the hearts of believers living in them as Spirit and confidant.

The word was not going forth because both legs of iron refused to bow to the authority of the word of God and proclaim the work of Christ as finished destroying the priesthood that HE began, which was Jewish.  The false Church only mocks the finished work of God by declaring it not finished and restoring the priesthood. Tell me this doesn’t cause the people the LORD longed to gather as a hen gathers its chicks confusing.

God is not the author of confusion; the first kingdom after Noah’s flood was Babel Genesis 11:9 drop the first B, and the confusion goes away; the last kingdom, 9/11, guess who the truth that falls to the ground is?

We can use what the devil meant for evil.

In only seventy years, America, the city that shined the brightest, was darkened by a Protestant-hating church.

Let’s start with all of America’s false peace agreements attempted in the Middle East. Jesus is not the main message for peace which is the problem.  How does a 2000-year-old institution claiming to be the “Church” not understand this? Every time this nation (America) attempted Middle East Peace, it cost us financial ruin by severe natural disasters at each attempt. Jack Chick published a tract that revealed this very truth, and he also made what I deemed the appointed / divine times list where the date he died (God knows the end of a man’s life, and this will help some unbelievers)  his death points to the passage it is a wise man who wins souls.


The same holds for every translation that removed the words “RESPECT,” REPLENISH, and the passage that tells us HIS enemies swallow HIM up daily, revealing HIS enemies.   A clever student of God’s word would know that David could only be eaten once.  Most translations leave these THREE words out; who would do that?  As soon as they were published in that same year or shortly after, we again paid dearly for it with more financial disasters.  The first poor translation and ignoring the warning of God came about in England in 1941.

There is a good reason the enemy removed those words and those two particular passages Psalm 56:1-2, and that is only three.   I could go deeper, but those three say it all, and what are the odds of each of the translations doing it?

Jack Chick publications needs to do a tract on that message, including the financial loss of tampering with the word of God.  England learned their lesson; maybe not. Because they continued after the war, Bible in Basic English (BBE), old and new, was completed and published in 1949.  However, the new testament, where we find the teachings of the SON and the book of Revelation, was published in 1941. What happened to England in 1942, saints?

What would have happened to us all had the Catholic killers blown up Parliament along with King James in 1605? Up until 1941, the holdings of Protestant England were vast. The sun never set on their holdings, but unfortunately, it had its unbelievers as well.

You cannot change the nature of a shark or a wolf which is purposely the mascot of Italy.

Only those called to defend and protect God’s word are the actual failures.  Though Kenneth Copeland called God a failure, he was seriously mistaken, and in my eyes, he is a false teacher who has chosen his true holy father.

They have chosen their HOLY FATHER! Yet how many of these Holy Fathers are there in Heaven?


It was the hand of God again against the other translations like all those false peace plans for Israel. A watcher would see HE is telling us HE was not endorsing them but wanted someone to know why they are not from HIM. Bad shepherds would let the devil piss in your drinking water and then have you drink it without warning you of its dangers.

Tolkien had another holy father and trusted the priesthood for his salvation, so was he a Biblical Christian???

His Church pointed to the Protestants and called them darkness, insisting they and their idolatry and pomp paganism were the light; only a fool would fall for it.

Do you know what Free Masons like George Washington or any other could never be?  COMMUNISTS because they must believe in a god, and it can be Jesus.

Dragons, though mythical creatures from a humanistic standpoint, the Bible refers to Satan, the devil, as a dragon. Who has his own holy father to deceive those who do not know any better and make them into ministers of righteousness without any truth and the rejection of it.

Where are the watchers? Many who claim to honestly care want more power and gifts while the enemy seeks the greatest power to rule over us, political power. He wants me to change the elements like he wanted Jesus to do; the message remains the same, and he should know better. However, he stomps his feet and slams doors to have me bow to his image here on the earth using his quislings crying give us the precious,  well give me my wife in the fashion fit for a king I owe her that and so does the Church that caused the rift.

Why are you fighting me, a layperson who opens the word and shows you supernatural images that point to scripture to tell you Jesus is on HIS way.  Many of you are like the angels in Heaven, demanding the covering do more than what was asked of him instead of seeing his value and embracing his song to go back to worship the most high (SON).  I was told I should not make others think I am better than them when I received this call 13 years ago. I don’t believe God would have even given this to me if that is what I thought. Like our adversary, I do not see my value. The one who told me that I should not give the impression of being better now demands I become better???

Getting confused here???

Be more like him. He should have been given the call, having been right there supporting the image of the beast while attending his seminaries that were not pro-Protestant. Seeking to fish on both sides of the boat while the vast majority of the fish escape into the fires of hell.

Jesus commanded Peter to fish on the RIGHT side of the ship John 21:6.

Become like Wigglesworth or perform miracles like Benny Hinn. I was adopted, and I am a miracle. Jesus loved me the way I was back then; now I am not good enough? Like many others, I will burn in hell because, like them who will burn have friends in Jesus.

Yet I am not the one claiming the SON of God’s honor has no value.

I say it’s worth the world, while another says it’s not. What do you think God says about HIS HONOR? Bobby, be Benny Hinn,  be Wigglesworth?

Lucifer began as holy, and the congregation took that position from him but first, he had to choose to give it up and surrender to the will of the half-holy angels. Has God completed the work HE began in you? That’s the only way one can become entirely holy, which is not being made into a god; that’s the other guy’s promise.

Thinking Obama was the antichrist, I wanted to shake his hand and wrap my arms around him.  Something I am sure would frustrate our enemy who wants us to hate, blame, tear down, and not forgive.

The crop circle below I should rename molding me into the image of the beast; it can be very trying to separate my anger from God’s for those I see betraying him by following the image of the beast. He is the one who lost his precious stones in the fall. All because instead of placing lovers of the SON in positions of power,  he chose to promise those who did not love the Son power.   He agreed with the half-hearted,  the incomplete that he should have more power than what he was given.

In heaven, he had the power to favor those who loved the SON and place them in positions of power. I have no bling, bells, whistles, tabrets, or pipes, and trust me when I say you do not want me singing SOLO may be so low that no one can hear me.  I do, however, know some great musicians and those who sing some awesome songs; let me point them out to you all and celebrate them with me.

They are molding him, and you are developing me.

Be this, be that. You have the light and should be able to create and be like God?!?

The leadership Lucifer was the new kid on the block just before the creation of man. I’m the new kid on the block,  just before the new re-creation of man.

Come, my young Apprentice. I will finish your training.  8>O

I thought Obama was the antichrist, to which I replied: “I hope he is. I want to shake his hand, place my arms around him, and thank him for coming; my Jesus is next.” Shortly after, I saw the effigy of Jesus in Egypt; blessed are the pure in heart.   God took me like he did John, and he showed me the beginning before the creation of man. So when you ask how God is going to complete the work he began in you to make you just like HIS SON, think of Obama and me. They tried to place the hidden Imam as a false peace plan to the Middle East, and that was done by whoever had 700 billion dollars wrapped up in America’s economy.

Who has and always will hate Protestants and the freedom to worship God without a priesthood who has to be the priesthood.

Though I am finding it difficult to know where my anger begins and ends when I sense the wrath of God against the apostasy.  Those who claim to love HIM do nothing to help Israel understand HIM. They run with the image of the beast who has placed the wrong people in power who attack true Bible-believing Christians.  He has gathered all his precious stones back to himself and distorted the star and purpose of Israel by showing himself antisemitic with his paganism and idolatry. Those who do not love Jesus follow him, support him,  protect him,  allowing him and them to daily to swallow HIM up. They gave him America; now, it is one nation under their god. That removes the second commandment and pretends to know God with their unnecessary priesthood. Enjoy the New American Standard or allow me to do my job as the watchman.

I will not be able to save America; no one can. However, we can use it to open the eyes of the blind and set others to the cross.

I will give you the last thing God said to him in the kingdom when he was becoming frustrated at turning the will of those half-hearted half holy angels to come back and worship God’s SON even as I am.  Tell them if they come back to worship my SON, HE will give them the desires of their hearts. Lucifer did not do that; instead, he proclaimed his desire.

Let me proclaim mine; I want family and to be reunited with the woman I married in Christ. Our separation began with a Baptist Church where we met and were married; we dedicated our only son there; the leadership then hid their sin like the devil in Egypt and allowed the division to come into the Church.

Instead of dealing with it in the light,  they placed it in the darkness. The adulterer/rapist was a man whom my wife had on many occasions babysat his six children, a leader and a pastor in the Church who sang at our wedding. His sin overwhelmed her and me both.  She had told me he reminded her of her father before this was found out of what kind of man he was.  Deep repentance like David’s in the face of Nathan can restore such a man. I kept going over it in my mind. Had they not hidden the sin and exposed it to the light and sought God for the healing of us all, the Church would have flourished   Because he was not the only man in the Church at that time. There were several of us with sexual addictions.

A “brother” came to a men’s breakfast at this Church several years later who traveled near 666 miles into my area, maybe less, maybe more, but Columbus, Ohio, to the capital of Massachusettes, is 777 miles. He tried to give a message when the whole meeting was taken over by a man plagued by pornography, which could have been addressed some twenty years earlier.

I love my friend. I truly do. I love the worship his Church brings to God. My only problem with him Is his rebellion to see the true value of Jesus.  I told him once it was not a time to split churches but bring Churches together as I was departing his singles group, having been reminded of my promise to God never to marry again. I found out shortly after my call that he attended a seminary run by hypocrites who deny the finished work of Christ, who daily swallows HIM up and cause the children of Abraham to stumble. You cannot fish on both sides of the boat. Jesus said fish from the RIGHT side John 21:6.  Democrats are on the wrong side of the ship, but some even pretend to be Republicans wolves among the sheep, and only a few of us can tell the difference.

When God drew me back into Egypt to defend his word, it went through my mind again for the millionth time if they hadn’t hidden sin in the Church, I married the most beautiful woman in the world in. It was then I saw the sin against God,  an altar built for HIM in Egypt in a mocking fashion, and that is when God placed the curse on the earth that he will not repent of Jeremiah 4:28.

What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.

If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me said, Christ. Before Abraham was, I am saying, Christ. Genesis 15:13 the demons had to hide something, Abraham,  that’s why your descendants are placed in bondage. What foreign land do you ask?  Moses didn’t know; God did not reveal it to him; it was just some random foreign land??? You had to be a military genius to determine what land,  a strategic undertaking.

To open the vault, I needed to be recognized by several churches outside the vault by revealing the truth that I would defend the word. There is one Church in the outer circle that differs from them all. It has a smaller circle going around it, and those who run in circles with this Church will get nothing and be left behind until they learn the value of the SON of God. They will be beheaded and not headed to Heaven.

America was not a lousy system. It is a particular Church that is the flawed system of the world. My friends seek me to bow to its desires, not caring for my soul at all or that of many others. Abraham’s the elect cannot be deceived, so how are ecumenical people?

The priesthood builds the wrong pyramid, and their false ministers of righteousness help them achieve it; God clearly showed us what Heaven is like when America did it the right way that now has become the wrong way because of the priesthood.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I am not scared for you all who sided with this harlot who blended paganism with the most HOLY FAITH who breaks the Second Commandment and the LOVE for them LOST through compromise.

I promised God I would defend HIS word, which may be only one of the many reasons HE gave me this. I became a watcher without realizing I was becoming one. I see all the signs and report them, and I warn if those I warn do not heed, is their blood on my hands?

It’s also tough to warn without a platform, a microphone, and hearts willing to listen.

Nazis with technology like this, if you stand with the antisemites with their idols and prayers to everyone but to the only God, this is the result. Remain behind and join all the beheaded saints in the tribulation instead of be heading to heaven?

The Royal priesthood needs to be more like the false priesthood and get their guy in place to win the false who already placed their guy.

Joe Biden is a good Catholic, and the ecumenists say Amen.

Guess who gets to stay behind? It’s mot BILBO! It’s BABEL! Nice try trying to get me to bow to the image of the beast.

The mascot of Portugal is two mythical green dragons. I’ll be happy when there are no more dragons to slay.

Brother Abel

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