After all, it is a love story, and the sooner we start seeing it that way, the better off we will all be.  You can make any one of these cards yourself by asking for the image to upload to you. I want to stay uniform as they highlight their individual sites.  Don’t hesitate to get your own domain as the LORD may lead you, and I will give you a plugin to receive the server of all posts when I do them. Let the world know that you are not alone!



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Every bride needs a wedding rehearsal doesn’t the SON of God deserve such an undertaking?  They are using up all our funds for their manufactured Covid Catholics are such wonderful people we need more of them in America running things. I pray they may come to know my Protestant Jesus the one we founded America on.


Paypal is a separate cart then the above either one works prices are the same the above uses stripe and costs a little more for me to use. What’s money??? God doesn’t need money for revival so I have been told by Pentecostals who protect the dragon’s resources so he can’t get his temple built and peace won’t happen in the middle east.


Yeah, Pentecostals?? They’re pro-life!


I’m not behind the COVID he wants his temple and he is holding hostages until I can perform turning stones into bread or bow to Rome and all I have is the card trick and the truth. So bowing to the image of the beast and causing the children of Abraham to stumble is not my idea of loving Jesus. Check out the Future.



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