This is for general audience people wanted to know if there is another realm near us the KINGDOM of GOD is at HAND.


The minimum qty is 10 max is 1000 let others know Jesus is near.


900 in stock (can be backordered)

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Hard to believe this domain was available. What am I saying its like God knew it would be and you have to love how SOUL WINNING CARDS DOT COM just rolls off your tongue! It’s like one eight hundred Kars 4 Kids. Any Card can have the Church Adress Printed on it except for the double-sided witness cards the cost is $7.00 per 100.


Paypal is a separate cart then the above either one works prices are the same the above uses stripe and costs a little more for me to use. What’s money??? God doesn’t need money for revival so I have been told by Pentecostals who protect the dragon’s resources so he can’t get his temple built and peace won’t happen in the middle east.


Yeah, Pentecostals?? They’re pro-life!


I’m not behind the COVID he wants his temple and he is holding hostages until I can perform turning stones into bread or bow to Rome and all I have is the card trick and the truth. So bowing to the image of the beast and causing the children of Abraham to stumble is not my idea of loving Jesus. Check out the Future.



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