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You may remember the story Benjamin finds his way into Egypt and everyone weeps after realizing what the devil meant for evil God meant for good.


Jesus told me there was beauty in the breaking I have a Catholic educated man telling me to go find the Masons because he now only understands the full truth of whom he protects.







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Look at the header image on the home page and remember what Jesus said about being lifted up from the earth that before Abraham was HE is.  Who knew that Egypt was the center of the earth before Abraham?  The symbols were in Noah’s flood as we have sea crustaceans embedded in the stones with watermarks. One person near me claimed Enoch built it??? How?  Was it the alien levitation equipment?  It was dinosaurs and fallen angels are what God showed me, as I was caught in the spirit as John was taken to the revelation I was taken to pre-dawn of man and it was before gravity was increased the angels still thought they could fly after their exile to earth.  Enoch makes no mention of it in his writings,  he may have been kept from seeing it,  as was Abel. It was made before Abel or the whole thing is rigged.


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