This one is perfect for legal arenas and where politics are spoken. I want to save everyone we have no need for lawyers in heaven but the invitation is to all.


When your ship is sinking you want to find a lawyer to be close to in the water.


It is a professional courtesy that Sharks don’t eat their own.


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All kidding aside, there are only ten laws God is concerned about, and we should all know by now what they are. Jesus frees us from the curse of the law while applying HIS spirit in us to maintain the law. Not to circumvent it or use him as a license to do evil as a particular Church has. JFK was one of their own what does that tell you? So was JFK jr.


The significance of the dates is to reveal to YOU that God knew of their plans. FATHER took C.S. Lewis home the same day they plotted to take down JFK Psalm 64:1-10 reveals such a scenario.  Note how 64 also adds to ten.  These people anger God and force judgment upon us by breaking the ten commandments and teaching others to do the same. Have you ever heard of indulgences? Indulgences count the blood of Christ and the power to overcome temptation as nothing.


On many of the sites, I have an appointed times list. Kennedy was just the beginning of my discoveries,  the same plays out for Stephan Hawking, who died on the same day as Albert Einstein’s Birthday. Pi day 3.14 is a physicist’s favorite number; it is also my only son’s birthday who, if he gets left behind, will have to look at his Father’s face as Jesus did his Father. I do not want that for my son; my son is not equal to God’s only SON; he, like me, is a sinner who needs Jesus.


Hawking kept denying God existed; God had the last say. The date is again to help you not enter into hell where he is at. God sends no one to hell. They go there by their rejection of HIM.


Jesus found me at age 23 in 1982. Five years earlier, HE gave me a waking vision in May 1978.   My salvation came in May of 82 I have been serving God in ministries ever since.  Now I face hell because I have friends who love Jesus and expect me to be everybody else but myself.


In the ’80s, a series called the Martian Chronicles was on television as a SciFi geek; I did not want to miss it. This scene is relevant to the message of what it is like to be a light-bearer. As Christians, you know I am right because we are scrutinized by our neighbors of what a Christian is supposed to be, and when we are not what they expect, we fail them only because they are looking at us and not Jesus. Jesus will never fail us. We are but dust struggling in a world created by rebellion.


Do you think I’m supposed to be like Moses, Benny Hinn, or Wigglesworth?  Who, by the way, only gave you what his name implied? My last name translates into a beautiful place. If you are Jesuit or trained by them on their way to hell it’s the new spelling for dirtbag so I have been told by a man who refers to himself as a Reverand.  Who only yesterday asked someone to recite the hail Mary in an AG church which I obliged and mentioned Jesus did not come here to lift HIS mother but HIS FATHER.  I prefer to lift them both without stepping into the delusion of gifts to deceive.


Mary stands at the entrance and in the corners of the hospitals; they are killing many of you at now.  Only because I did not perform like Benny Hinn after he gave his sermon, which put down the burning lamps of Genesis 15:17 yes that was going to move me??? The lamps this time are not following behind him; they have preceded HIM to prepare the way and are responsible for the crop circles, not one bruised reed among any of HIS circles.


The rebellious angels did the same to Lucifer; they wanted him to be something more than what God made him to be, which was to reveal to them the SON has value. Instead of loving and supporting the call, they made him into what he has become. So is it any wonder when Jesus starts his ministry that he wants proof by having Christ manipulate the elements by turning stones into bread?


He wants that creative power, but first, he must be like the most high and start at the bottom, maybe not in a manager but a lower position to prove he can take the dust as God did and make it into a treasure like God did for us.  So if I have something he needs and he is provoking me to anger, is that the best way to get it? Using his ministers of righteousness who defend his Church? Creating another burning being.


The congregation created the first burning being.


If the supernatural gifts that many claim to have are not from God, would you want to know that? The television series “One Step Beyond”  did a segment called Person’s Unknown. I renamed it Slain by a Spirit and encouraged you to watch it, especially the opening where the event takes place.

In Mexico, an escaped convict hides out in a monastery. Unfortunately, it is on the night when the ghost of an Aztec warrior is said to roam the halls. When a murder is discovered later that night, he must prove that he not only didn’t commit the murder but that it was in fact committed by the ghostly warrior.


Slaying in the spirit did not come into the Church till after this.


The Monastery on earth became a school, and what was happening in the spirit world at the same time?  Biden doesn’t want walls up keeping Mexican’s from coming in, and his Church promotes the breaking of our laws; they would do the same in heaven.  Ignore our rules and boundaries.


Psalm 79:4 You just found out in 2019 Jupiter has 79 moons, and the first four were found by Galileo the heretic. Too many moons pulling on the planet brings Chaos. Jesus is coming,   want me first or HIM? At least with me, you can get prepared.

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