For the Sportsman in us all,

If the enemy is going to dress them up like fish from the Babylonian times I’m running with it.
Jack Chick, Dave Hunt,  Charles Spurgeon all knew who these people were.



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I know it may sound a little disrespectful but you started it with Genesis 4:4 NASB, and my poor stepmother was raised in one of their trauma centers they called orphanages for children for twelve years.  She went in a frightened four-year-old and came out a fearful woman terrified by everything. She took to drink because they couldn’t give her Jesus! They did not know HIM which is obvious to any real Christian.


She and millions like her never found peace because the ones claiming to know HIM lied. See the Future


Let HIS People go and worship HIM as HE desires. Mercy gives time to repent but remember what the Communist Chinese did to Puyi along with his bishops and cardinals. You know what I mean!


I’m a truck driver at the bottom of the pile if I am the evil one we have a failure to launch and that is because your ministers of righteousness keep trying to get me to bow to the one with all the fancy outward garments of fancy dress and stones.


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