Witness Tool Card


This is a simple witness card,  it seems the devil is giving us help and not by choice.


After all, he was created to bring worship back into the house of God.


Understand it to share it.


Sold in packs of ten promotes this site and all the other cards.  Nothing goes to waste except a lost soul.


The symbol used by the Thelema group big in Germany before Hitler took power it is an esoteric and occult social or spiritual philosophy and religious movement developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley head of the church of Satan. When placing it lay with this side up.



PayPal Cart the Other is Stripe and I don’t have time to waste in getting a business id to integrate PayPal into woo-commerce.





The symbols on the front clearly reveal he intends to keep people from the Kingdom by distorting the Star of David his methods differ from our own in order to get into the heavens from building towers found in Genesis 11:9 to building rockets and giving men false hopes of getting into the heavens. You may recognize the symbols used in NASA (which in Hebrew means deceive) and from the Star-Trek series.



Even one of the crop circles reveals shark’s teeth in the center of the star of David showing us the star is distorted well that is the Popery and the Cardinals and the men claiming to be serving God yeah if your gods’ habitation is hell.



The good bees are going and the killer bees with their delusional queen are staying to see their handiwork.


Because of one we have the other.

Thank You, Israel For all You Have Done For Us.

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