How can no one see the triple 7’s and how we all know it’s God’s favorite number and three of them add to 21 and the gospel of John has 21 Chapters in it with the last chapter revealing the 153 fish caught by Peter when he heard throw your nets on the other side.  When each number is multiplied by the power of three it adds back to 153.


The Trinity is all over the gospel of John, also the scrolls around the 777 are 24 in total for 888, and the number that has plagued me has been 555.


Someone half my age has been insisting I take his leadership improvement course who snatches the microphone away from me every time I get the courage to say something.  He won’t be happy until I’m just like him and do not care about the Catholics and start turning stones into bread? How about Stoney hearts into flesh I can do that rather well,  don’t you think?



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People need to know there is only one God and HE is the only God that will judge us. All the rest or delusions of themselves wanting to be God. Everywhere around the world a false god was worshiped a king sat on top of the hill with a clergy right by his side a priesthood controlling the people while serving their king and his false god. I think of them as like Satan’s summer homes.


Jesus is coming better get ready there will be no other judge on the next Nuremberg trials.


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