Musings / Signs · January 1, 2023

The Musings of Satan

The lost do not believe he is real; still, he needs a temple built.

He wrestled for Moses’s body, and that was after the Exodus; he needs a body to declare himself God in the temple. If he gets another body, shouldn’t someone else get another body too?

A serpent’s body dies after its head has been cut off.

The theory of evolution makes apes into men (The Bible teaches man was created in God’s image, which is a mockery of what God looks like.) Proponents of evolution have names that sound like duh and huh, Darwin, Dawkins, and Hawkins. That’s God’s sense of humor.

Stephen Hawkings constantly denied an intelligent creator; he died on the very day Albert Einstein would be celebrating his birthday, born on Pi day 3.14; that’s God’s sense of humor!

What are the odds?

Taking the month, day, year, and age he died, the numbers added bring us to Psalm 131:1-3. One God revealed in three persons still is one God. Life does not start with a black hole, or no one would have any light.  Like Einstein, they both died ignorant of knowing God. Not as bright as they both thought!

Just because you are Jewish does not give you a free pass into heaven; they also need the lamb’s blood applied to their lives. They are there to reveal to us that there is only one God, and the devil hates them because of it; he blinded their eyes and had them reject Jesus so that the world could be saved. John 3:16-17.

What the devil meant for evil, God turned to good.

He has Romulus kill Remus in an attempt to rewrite the story as he did with Noah’s ark in the Gilgamesh epic tale. During the silence of Malachi until the birth of Christ, he gathered all his false gods into Rome to await Jesus’s coming.

He spends 400 years bringing all the false gods into Rome, and the ones who claim to walk in the light don’t think they live there anymore. Constantine claimed he had a vision of the cross and said he would conquer in that sign.

They had been conquering in that sign three hundred years before Christ came. The enemy embraced the faith to control it. Turning down the persecution of the saints until he established a false priesthood (the purpose was to offer sacrifice, Jesus ended the priesthood he had started.), this priesthood would kill those who would not do their will. Rome never died, just retooled.

The priesthood always made slaves of the masses and killed those who would not conform, being the voice in the ear of the leadership.  It is not God’s voice if it asks you to steal, kill, or destroy.

Wherever you go in the world with a pyramid, you find slavery, a false god served by a deceived King who becomes the housing for the prince of darkness. He likes the king of the hill positions. America turned his system upside down, but he has used his priesthood again to make it into his design; now, the dragon breathes fire to kill us all.

God’s judgment against sin and what sin does to a society.

Why would God take any clergyman who helped him accomplish the taking over of America into heaven? Woe to those who call darkness the light and the light darkness.

Before man came, he claimed in the beginning that if the SON of God ever came, he would make HIM his pet. This arrogant proclamation and the lion in the sand wiped out the dinosaur before he could finish the top of his pyramid. Gravity increased, and they all fell down. Their flesh would never fly again. They are still here as demonic entities who hate me and you but mostly me for exposing it all.

Making the Son of God into his pet and the men of the earth to do his bidding, the difference between a dog whistle and a bell you can hear the bell.

Wherever they place up their covens using HIS name in vain, constantly breaking the second commandment (shall be called least in the kingdom if they make it at all), a blackhole emerges where light does not escape. What little light does, it is never bright enough to affect the lost around them.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, the full gospel, with understanding. One can hardly hide the word of God in their heart if they are never allowed to be “Born Again” so that the HOLY SPIRIT can lead them into all truth.

Rome uses him to build their one world order; it is not my Jesus, it’s a cult.

Most seminaries are influenced by Jesuit foolery.

I would gladly help him finish his one-world order but not as his pet! Though they try to have me bow to the image of the beast. If you don’t know who the image of the beast is,  read the last post.

Find a leader who isn’t so blind and won’t be anyone’s pet.

Brother Abel.


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