Great for the Children of Abraham who need to know what’s coming and what the apostasy is bringing. What it’s already here,  then I must take that leadership seminar by the guy who allows counter-reformation theology to be taught in his church while following a pastor educated by Jesuits who told me to go find some Masons.


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Remember the story Abel was killed by his brother Cain because the enemy who caused men to fall and fight each other feared that he was the one to crush his head?  Because God looked with respect unto his offering.  You did not know it then, but it is only with Jesus can we crush the head of the serpent. A deals a deal, and no, I will not bow down to the one you placed all your stones on, no matter how big they are.  There is something worse than COVID, and that is hearing away from me. I never knew you, look how many follow them… so many follow the covering of jewels and cry for the light.


Paypal is a separate cart then the above either one works prices are the same the above uses stripe and costs a little more for me to use. What’s money??? God doesn’t need money for revival, so I have been told by Pentecostals who protect the dragon’s resources so he can’t get his temple built, and peace won’t happen in the middle east.


Yeah, Pentecostals?? They’re pro-life!


I’m not behind the COVID. He wants his temple, and he is holding hostages until I can perform turning stones into bread or bow to Rome, and all I have is the card trick and the truth. So bowing to the image of the beast and causing the children of Abraham to stumble is not my idea of loving Jesus. Check out the Future. They did this to you, and I was called to end it.

Get you all HOME.

But I owned a KJV and not a NASB, and I did the crop circles using the KJV; my bad????


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